Clarification of AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Rationalisation/ Transfers Doubts

Teachers Transfers Clarification Box Clarification for Teacher Transfer, Clarification Box for AP Teachers Transfers 2017, Latest Clarifications on teachers transfers, AP Rc.190/ Estt-I11/ 2017 Date 16/06/2017 Rationalization Clarifications Details Download. Clarification Box inserted for Teachers Transfer.

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How to get Transfers Clarification

Clarification of AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Rationalisation/ Teachers Transfers Doubts
Clarification of AP Teachers Transfers 2017 
  1. we enter Employee ID Number, 
  2. Employees DOB, 
  3. You Enter Clarification Box, 
  4. After ask to enter clarifications.

Teachers working in the Districts and covered under G.0.610 may also apply for transfers as per their eligibility.

  1. Under Rule 10 (d) participation of school children in inspire/ science fair / exhibition organized by State / Central Government the performance points may be allowed in 5 years / 8 academic years provided that they have not availed during the said period.
  2. Allow performance points in respect of HMsGr.II / Teachers also working on deputation in I.A.S.Es / C.T.Es / D.I.E.Ts/under work adjustments on certification issued by the Head of the institutions concerned. This may be allowed at the time of verification of certificates.
  3. Do not shift the Language Pandits in the Government / Z.P. High Schools for the reason, that the posts of LPs are not mentioned in the TABLE- Ill A in G.O.Ms. No. 29 Edn. Dt: 22.05.2017 except in the event that the posts are upgraded and needed to UP Schools as deficit.
  4. Under Rule 7 Special Points sub rule iii “the benefit of spouse points shall be applicable to one of the spouse once in 5/8 years only”. It may be considered 5 years / 8 academic years instead of 5/8 years.
  5. When a post is identified for shifting under Rationalization in a particular school where there is a teacher due to be retired on 30th, June, 2017 in such school, the post in which the retiring person is working may be shifted instead of other working teachers in the school.
  6. Spouse of the service person working in C.1.S.F. may also be considered under Rule 12 (k) of preferential category in the G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.II) Department, Dated: 04.06.2017.

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Clarification of AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Rationalisation Doubts 

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