CBA Exams Online Attendance Submission Process 2023 @

CBA Exams Online Attendance Submission Process 2023 @

CBA EXAMS Online Attendance submission process 2023 


(Please Visit Web Browser  “Google Chrome” Browser for Better Result)

  • You Will Found the Login Screen on the First page of the Online Attendance Link
  • Enter User id as UDISE SCHOOL CODE
  • Enter Password also UDISE SCHOOL CODE
  • After Successful login you will be navigate to the following screen
  • For Offline Attendance pdf downloading Click on “Download  form ”Button 
  • The list of Class wise /day wise strength will be appear as per NR
  • Click on “Select” button on appropriate class to submit the attendance day wise 
  • Then, Go to the “Day1/Day2/Day3” and Select the Option “Present” or “Absent” 
  • By Default all Children’s Marked as “Present” by the System
  • You have to mark only Absent child by
  • Then, If you want to add Additional Candidate , Click on Manage Buffer or Add Additional Candidates. 
  • Then, Click on Add New children and Enter Details Correctly.
  • After Completion of All Children’s Attendance Status, Click on “Submit Attendance”  Button , to Submit the particular Class CBA Exams Online Attendance Submission Process

About  Computer based online Attendance 

CBA Exams Online Attendance refers to the process of confirming your attendance for a Chartered Business Accountant (CBA) exam through an online platform. With the rise of technology, many educational institutions have moved towards online attendance systems to streamline the process and make it more convenient for students.CBA Exams Online Attendance Submission Process 2024.

Through the online attendance system, students are able to log into a portal, complete an online form with their information, and submit it to confirm their attendance for the exam. This eliminates the need for manual attendance sheets or traditional sign-in methods, making it easier and more efficient for both students and institutions.

It’s important to note that online attendance submissions for CBA exams are usually mandatory, and students are required to complete this step before taking the exam. The online attendance process helps institutions track the attendance of students and ensure that the correct individuals are taking the exams.

CBA Exams Online Attendance Submission Process

The online Attendance Submission process for the CBA Exams will vary Depending on the institution administering the exams. In general, however, you may expect to complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the exam portal: You will need to have a valid login account to access the exam portal where you will submit your attendance.
  2. Complete the attendance form: Once you have logged in, you will be asked to complete an online attendance form. This form may include information such as your name, exam date, and location.
  3. Submit the form: After you have completed the attendance form, you will need to submit it to confirm your attendance for the exam.
  4. Receive confirmation: Once you have submitted the form, you should receive confirmation that your attendance has been recorded. This may be in the form of an email or a message displayed on the exam portal.

It is important to note that you should only submit your attendance for the CBA exams if you are actually present and able to take the exam. If you are unable to attend the exam for any reason, you should contact the institution administering the exams to inform them.

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