Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2023 : Goal,Eligibility,Advantages,Process To Apply

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2023 : Goal,Eligibility,Advantages,Process To Apply

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2023. The Bihar state government announced this scheme, which was approved by the cabinet on September 14, 2016, and it went into effect on April 1, 2018. Seven decisions have been made to implement the Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme from 2015 to 2020. This scheme is for boys and girls who are unable to continue their studies (higher education) after the 12th grade. According to the eligibility under this scheme, the beneficiary can complete his further studies, and the government provides a loan of 4 lakh to the beneficiary.

Student Credit Card Scheme Goal

The Bihar government would provide loans to all 12th pass candidates to help them continue their education. Those whose family’s economic situation is poor are unable to provide their children with additional education. As many eligible students are eager to take advantage of this scheme, the target of this scheme will be flexible according to the requirements. They will all be eligible for the Bihar Government Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme. You will receive a benefit of 04 lakh rupees.
When candidates take advantage of this scheme and continue their studies, the GER in higher education in the state rises. At the same time, there will be an important role in youth employment, as children with this amount will be admitted to good institutes and colleges and will study well. With which they will be able to establish their government job or their own business, not only raising the level of education in the state, but also putting an end to unemployment.

What is the Bihar Student Credit Card

If you want to do any higher education course after matriculation or intermediate and do not have money, the Bihar government will help you. You will be given up to 4 lakh rupees in assistance, and if you do not get a job, this money will be returned to you. There is no need to view the full information by clicking on the link below.
On October 2, 2016, Mr. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar State, launched the Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme. This scheme has been implemented to provide loans for higher education to poor and economically disadvantaged students in the state of Bihar.
The Government of Bihar has provided a loan of up to Rs. 4 lakh to poor 12th pass students from economically weaker sections of Bihar as financial assistance to get better higher education for their bright future through the Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana. will go This loan will be made available to you via the Bihar Student Credit Card. Students who take out loans through the Student Credit Card Scheme will not have to pay any interest on the money they borrow.

Eligibility for the Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana

  • The applicant must have an intermediate pass.
  • To be eligible for this scheme, the applicant must be under the age of 25 on the date of application.
  • Must be a Bihar permanent resident.
  • Willing to pursue additional studies
  • The student has enrolled or has been selected for enrollment in a higher education educational institution recognised by Bihar and other state and central government regulatory agencies.
  • Candidates with a degree are not eligible to apply for the same level course, but they may apply for a higher level programme. Technical/management level programmes are exempt from this provision.
  • If a scholar abandons his or her course in the middle, the government will stop repaying the loan.

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Key Features of the Bihar Student Card Loan Scheme

  • The scheme’s primary goal is to raise the educational level in Bihar. Most children are unable to continue their education due to financial constraints. The government’s scheme will assist students in continuing their education.
  • Loan amount – The government has set aside a loan amount of up to 4 lakhs for students to use only for their studies and higher education.
  • Interest rate – To avoid the additional burden of loan on students, the government has kept the interest rate in this scheme very low. This loan has a zero percent interest rate. Divyang, women, and transgender people will benefit more from this.
  • Higher Education (Course) – This loan is only available to students for higher education. This loan can be used for both technical and general education purposes. Engineering, Medical, CA, Management, BA, BSC, MSC, MA, and other courses are available.
  • The government will also make certain that this course is completed at an official and reputable college. The full list of courses covered by the scheme can be found here.
  • Although there are other education loan schemes in the state, they have high interest rates, so they are unable to take advantage of them.
  • The government initially set a target of 5 lakhs under the Bihar Student Card Loan Scheme, which it has also met. Currently, the government’s target for 2019-20 is to provide benefits to 8 lakh students, with a 9 lakh student target for the previous year.
  • The government has chosen about a dozen banks to benefit from the scheme, from which this loan will be obtained.
  • The loan amount received through the scheme will be transferred directly to the educational institution via NEFT.

How do I apply online for the Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme

Any interested state beneficiary students who want to apply for loan assistance benefits for higher education can do so by following the procedure outlined below.

  • For Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana Online Registration, go to
  • After visiting the website, the applicant student must log in using the Login Here option on the home page.
  • If the applicant has not already registered in the student portal, select New Applicant Registration.
  • All of the information given to the applicant citizen must now be filled out on the new page.
  • After entering the applicant’s name, email address, Aadhaar number, and mobile number, click the Send OTP button.
  • Then, in the given column, enter the OTP number received in the mobile number and email ID.
    Submit the Applicant Registration Form after that.
  • Following that, the applicant student must select the Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme option.
  • Fill in all of the information requested on the next page of the application form. After filling out all of the information, submit the form.
  • Following that, the applicants will be assigned a unique serial number. The girl students will receive this unique ID number based on their mobile number and email address.
  • The girl students will receive a pdf copy of the application form and all other details via email.
  • The applicant student must now bring all necessary documents and the application form to the counter.
  • Girls will receive information on their mobile number and email address to appear at the counter.
  • In this manner, the Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana Online Registration process will be completed.
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