Surrender Leave Software for Teachers & GO , EL Complete information for AP TS Employees

AP TS Surrender Leave Software for Teachers, EL Claculation, Formula, 15 members used & Complete Information, G.O’s

Surrender Leave Software for Teachers & GO , EL Complete information for AP TS Employees proceeding : How to Calcualte Earned Leave and Rules, ELs Rules for AP TS Earned Leave Full Guide. EARNED LEAVE  ( EL ) Calculate Software. Earned Leave Rules, EL proceeding , EL Rules for Andhra Pradesh Employees AP Teachers, Telangana Employees, TS Teachers. Surrender Leave Application, Proceedings, Softwares, ELs Rules download. Earned Leave Application Form, Surrender Leave Proceedings for AP Teachers. The total of E.L. availed and E.L. surrendered should not exceed 300 day sat any time.

Surrender leave Software how to Calculate Holidays working days formula, EL

  • 1.Employees are Permitted to surrender EL when they are either on duty oractually on EL and the interval between one surrender and another should be 12 months forsurrender not exceeding 15 days and 24 months for surrender not exceeding 30 days.
  • 2. An employee can avail 30 days of surrender if he had not availed the same inthe previous year
  • 3. Application for surrender of EL can be made on or before the due date of surrender.Application received within a month from the due date shall also beallowed.The date of surrender shall be indicated in the
    application for surrender of EL.
  • 4.EL may be allowed to be surrendered by Government servants while they are other kind of leave also ,Except on EOL without allowance
    without medical certificate or on unearned leaveon private affairs.
  • 5.The Government employee can avail  the encashment of Surrender Leave afterone yearfrom the date of last surrender ( annual cycle) or after the due date, onthe date of his choice. The main criteria is that there should be an interval of
    oneyear between two encashment.
  • 6. The total number of days of earned leave availed and the earned leave surrendered shallnot exceed the maximum earned leave admissible to government servants.
  • 7.Government servants appointed either under the emergency provision or on regular basisshall be eligible to surrender 15 days of EL only after completion of 12 months continuousservice; for surrender of 30 days of EL only after completion of 24 months of continuousservice.
Surrender Leave Software for Teachers & GO , EL Complete information for AP TS Employees
Surrender Leave Software for Teachers & GO ,

According to FR 82 (b) Calculation EL’s for Working in Summer holidays

As per FR-82(b) GO.35 Dt:16-1-1981, GO.151 Dt:14-11-2000, GO.174 Dt;19-12-2000, GO.114 Dt:28-4-2005.
Summer ELs Caliculation if vacation 49 days

Formula : 365×1)/11-(27x No.of days availed/Total No.of days vacation)-6

No.of dys working – Eligible ELs

1-1, 2-1, 3-2,  4-2,  5-3, 6-3, 7-4, 8-5,  9-5, 10-6, 21-12, 22-12, 23-13,24-13, 25-14, 26-15, 27-15, 28-16, 29-16, 30-17, 31-17,32-18, 33-18, 34-19, 35-19, 36-20, 37-21, 38-21, 39-22, 40-22, 41-23, 42-23, 43,44,45,46,47,48,49- 24 days.

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