AP TS AAS Software All Other Departments Employees 6/12/18/24 years PRC 2015

AP TS AAS  Other ( All ) Departments  Software Automatic Advancement Scheme PRC 2015  Special
Grade Post Scale (6 years) SPP-IA/SAPP-IA ( 12 years ) SPP-IB/SAPP-IB ( 18years ) Special Promotion Post Scale –II (SPP-II) (24years ) Muncipality , Aided Teachers and  Staff 

Automatic Advancement Scheme AAS (6/12/18/24 Years)  According to 
GO.96, Dated 20.5.2011

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Special Grade Post Scale (6 years):

The individual who completed 6 years of service in the same cadre eligible to get Special Grade Post Scale and allowed new scale .
(a) SPP-IA/SAPP-IA( 12 years ):
The employee who completed 12 years of service in the same cadre, is allowed to get new scale in the next promotion.
( i ) Automatic Advancement Scheme 12 Years SPP-IA Pay Fixation after Completion of 12 Years fors under FR 22(a)(i) read with FR 31(2) Post Scale.
( ii )Next AGI will be accrued after 1year .Let us know how to fix their Scale and Pay with respect to the Fundamental Rules and Norms.
18years ):
 The employee who completed 18 years of service in the same cadre,  is allowed to get one additional increment in the same scale SPP-IA/SAPP-IA
Special Promotion Post Scale –II (SPP-II)( 24years ):

The employee, who completed 24 years, as per service rules is allowed to get  SPP- II, that is equal to next promotion scale. And the individual must require qualifications as per the next promotion post.

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