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Clarification of AAS – Step up, Clarifications on Step up Facility for Teachers, Automatic Adv. Scheme GO.Ms.No.96 Clarifications , Siksha Sastry Degree is Equal and Other G.O’s

Automatic Advancement Scheme (AAS )

Direct recruitment on attaining the age of 50 years shall be exempted from passing the departmental test
APREIS_Siksha Sastry Degree is Equal or AAS Purpose RC.1584 Dt.27-8-12
AutomaticAdv.Scheme_GO.Ms.No.96 Clarifications
AAS in PRC-2010 
G.O.Ms.No. 21,Counting of service of Special Teachers, Special Language Pandits, Special P.E.Ts who were appointed from 1996 Onwards
Memo.9440 dt 07.09.2012 DTA Clarifications on awarding SPP-IB to the Teachers not qualified to get SPP-II(2)

AP TS Teacher/ Employees AAS 6/12/18/24 years Proceeding Billl Software Download

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Stepup and Preponment G.O’s

STEPUP Breif in Telugu

AAS CLARIFICATION Rc.23400,Dt.9.9.2011
RC.172 Dt.23.02.2012 Clarifications on Step up Facility for Teachers(Fair Copy)
Rc.172 dt.02.04.2013 about Stepup Inform DEO’s
Rc.No.12102 Directorate of Treasuries Stepping
AAS Clarifications_on_G.O.96
Rc.No.5464 Clarification of AAS _ Step up

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AP TS Teacher/ Employees StepUp Proceeding Billl Software Download

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