AP Smart Village Smart Ward towards Smart AP Sanction amount released

AP GO.NO: 8  Smart Village-Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Smart Village-Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh – Sanction and release of Rs.3,50,000 to APTS – Orders – Issued

AP Planning (VII) Department G.O.RT.No. 8 Dt.08-01 -2016. 

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  1. 1.Lr.No.APTS/CS/PLG-Smart Village/2014, dt.11-12-2015. 
  2. 2. G.O. Rt. No.2604 Finance (FMU-GAD.2) Department, dated 01-1-2015 

1.Government have launched Smart Village Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh Programme during 18th January, 2015. It was also decided to create a web portal for completion of the development, installation, testing and commissioning of the portal on Smart Village Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh Programme. APTS has shortlisted the vendors and M/s NGIT was entrusted the work and an MoU was finalised between APTS & NGIT. The NGIT created the web portal and is working satisfactorily and closely with the Planning department and maintaining the web portal. The APTS submitted proforma invoice for payment of Rs.3,50,000/- to M/s NGIT Systems Pvt. Ltd. towards development of Smart Village Portal as 3rdquarter as per the 2nd Milestone i.e., for 18-07-2015 to 17-10-2015. Which is treated as second activity of the contract agreement i.e towards development of Android based mobile application for filed donorable asset activity surveys.
2. The Finance Department in the reference 2nd cited above have issued CBRO for all the schemes of the Planning Department for a total amount of Rs.69,30,92,000/-. Out of which, an amount of Rs.15,00,00,000/- is earmarked for the scheme Smart Village Smart Ward towards Andhra Pradesh during the year 2015-16 under the head of account 3451-00-092-11-27-310-312-PV.
3. After careful examination, Government hereby accord permission for payment of Rs.3,50,000/-(Rupees three lakhs fifty thousand only) towards payment to APTS to be paid to NGIT.
4. The expenditure sanctioned at para 3 above shall be debited to the head of account 3451-00-092-11-27-310-312 Smart Village Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh.
5. The Assistant Secretary to Government, Planning Department and Drawing and Disbursing Officer of Planning Department is requested to draw the amount at para 3 above in favour of

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  • Managing Director, 
  • Andhra Pradesh Technological Services, 
  • Hyderabad Bank Account No.52082155102, 
  • State Bank of Hyderabad, 
  • Municipal Complex, 
  • Tank Bund Branch, 
  • Hyderabad-500063, 
  • IFSC. Code:SBHY0020432. 

6. This order does not require concurrence of the Finance Department as per the rules in vogue.

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