AP Rc 46 Online Teacher Forums formation Guidelines for all Subjets in AP

Teachers Online forum as a  part of It Government has decided to set up online  teacher forums for all subjects to  cater  the  needs of  teachers as  well as students,  to  discuss their  class  room  transition difficulties  and solutions.

AP Online Teachers forum Start Every Subject Guidelines for DEOs 

AP Proceedings of the commissioner of School  Education Hyderabad, Present  K. Sandhya  Rani., Rc.No. 46/IT-Cell/2016     Dated: 12.01.2016 

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Teachers forum Discussion Below Topics and Solutions : 

1.Student activity  room  , 2.Teachers   discussion  room  , 3.Experts discussion  room , 4.  Articles , 5. Modules , 6. Books , 7.Teaching  learning  material , 8. Useful Links , 9. E-News  Letter

Andra Pradesh CSE – IT CELL – A.P. Teachers forums – Nominations- Reg , Ref:  –  Lr.No.  Nil,  dt:12.01.2016   of  the  P.Sinivasa Rao,   SA,  Z.P.   high   School, Adavivaram,  Visakhapatnam  district.

The District  Educational Officers in the state are requested  to submit the fist three School Assistants of High School from each subject  (Telugu, Hindi, English. Maths, PS, N.S and Social Studies) who are well acquainted with Computer knowledge  Immediately to the E-mail .i.e. pmucse2015@gmail.com.
      The    attention  of  all  the  District   Education Officers in  the  State  is invited  to  the references read above, and they  are Informed that,  the Hon”ble Chief Minister  and the Hon’ble Minister   tor  Human  Resource  Development   time and again stressed the  need  to  develop   a system  of “E-governance”‘ for  quick and prompt  delivery  of  citizen services,  enhancing the efficiency,   effectiveness transparency and citizen-eccentricity in all its functions by deploying the Modem  ‘management techniques and information Technology and  Remote Education Virtual Class  rooms for delivery  of high quality electronic  class room experience for skills  development &  Education   which  provides  vast  rural populations with  access to  expert  the teachers and master trainers  enabled Development Platform.
         As  a  part of It Government has decided to set up online  teacher forums for all subjects to  cater  the  needs of  teachers as  well as students,  to  discuss their  class  room  transition difficulties  and solutions in  this  context  it  is informed  that. Sri.  P.Sinivasa Rao,  SA,  Z.P.  high School,    Adavtvaram,  Visakhapatnam    district,  who  developed  the  A.P.  maths  forum  and submitted   his willingness to  develop all other subject forums with  the help of other teacher from the districts with the following features.

1.Student activity  room :

Every  student will be given with  username and password,   after entering into his login  room, he can rise  a  question, c.an download   useful  materials, images,  and videos, he can take part In online quiz.

2.   Teachers discussion room

Every teacher will be given with  username and password, after entering into his/her  login  room, he/she  can submit articles written by him, he can share modules   written  by  them,  they can contribute  questions  for  the question bank pool,  they can submit their research work in their respective   field, they can join  their  students directly  into  the  forum,  they can post their  llM (Teaching learning material)  images.

3.Experts discussion  room

Each  expert will be given with  user name and password, after entering into their login room they can answer the doubts raised by the teacher5, they can approve  the research   work  done  by the  teachers, experts   can contribute artides  related  their  respective filed.

4.  Articles

Articles written by teachers and  experts can be seen in this section, content quality  team  will look into  the articles  and will  have discussion   with articles writer and post the article in a standard format.

5. Modules

Mlodules  written by teachers and experts will be posted   In this section  and free download  will be given.
6.Teaching  learning  material
Effective TLM used by teachers will be posted  by those teacher  and they can be down loaded   by any other

7. Books

Reference books , books written by teachers will be posted, viewers can write reviews on them

8. Useful Links

useful  web links  category wise  will posted  by Admin

9. E-News  Letter

Periodically   articles  and student raised problems will sent to subscnbers and also the members of this  forum.

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* AP RC 46 Start Teachers Online forum all Subjects 

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