AP Lr.NO.109 DSC Meeting with JACTO on Long pending problems on 27-01-2016

AP School Education – Long pending issues of Teachers’ Problems – Meeting on 27-01-2016 – Intimation Lr.NO.109. Dt.23.1.16. Meeting with JACTO on 27th January 2016 

AP Lr.NO.109 DSE Meeting with JACTO on Long pending problems of Teacherson 27-01-2016


  1. 1. Govt. Memo. No. 113119/Genl/Al/2015 Dt: 26.12.2015.
  2. 2. Govt. Memo. No. 132407/SE – Genl/A2/2016 Dt: 20.01.2016 .

I wish to inform that the Secretary to Government School Education desires to have a meeting at 11.00 AM on 27.01.2016 at the Main Conference Hall in the 0/o Commissioner of School Education, Hyderabad with all the recognized and registered Teacher Unions/ Associations to discuss their pending issues.

The following arc the tentative agenda items for discussion on 27.01.2016:

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  • 1. Rationalization and Teacher Transfers
  • 2. Service Matters of Teachers
  • 3. Framing Service Rules for Teachers working in Municipal and A.P. Model Schools
  • 4. Any other General Issues.

Therefore, the Presidents and General Secretary (only two persons) of the Teachers Union/ Association are requested to participate in the said meeting at 1.00 AM on 27.01.2016 in the Main Conference Hall of the Commissioner of school Education, A.P., Hyderabad.

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AP Lr.NO.109. Dt.23.1.16. Meeting on 27th January 2016 Copy Download

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