AP General / Public Holidays list 2017 Official Optional Holidays list GO

AP list of Holidays 2017 AP GO 2412 General Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2017 Declared. AP Government Official Optional Holidays and General Holidays list Download. AP Govt. declared Public holidays for Schools, Offices and Public sectors. Andhra Pradedh General Administration (POLL.A) Department G.O.RT.No. 2412 Dated: 24-11-2016.

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AP list of General Holidays – Optional Holidays 2017 

The following Notification shall be published in the next issue of Andhra Pradesh extra-ordinary Gazette:

AP General Holidays Notification :

The Government of Andhra Pradesh direct that the days specified in Annexure-I shall be observed as General Holidays by all the State Government Offices excluding the holidays falling on Sundays shown in Part-II and Optional Holidays shown in Annexure-II except the Optional Holidays falling on Sundays shown in Annexure Part-II, during the year 2017.

2. The State Government directs that all offices under State Government shall remain closed on all Sundays and Second Saturdays in all the months during the year 2017.

3. In addition to the above mentioned General Holidays in Annexure-I, the State Government employees may avail themselves of Optional Holidays not exceeding FIVE during the year 2017 on festival/occasions specified in Annexure-II to this order, at their option and irrespective of the religion to which the festival pertains. Permission to avail any of these holidays shall be applied for, in writing in advance and shall normally be granted by the Superior Officers competent to grant casual leave except when the presence of an individual employee is considered necessary in exigencies of Government work.

4. The Government also directs that General Holidays shall not ipso-facto apply to the Industrial Establishment and Public Undertakings under the control of the State Government, the workmen engaged in Public Works Departments and Educational Institutions in this State. Separate orders regarding the festivals/occasions when these Institutions have to observe holidays shall be issued by the concerned Administrative Department of the Secretariat.

5. If there is any change of date in respect of Idu’l Zuha, Muharram and id-e-Milad as  per the sighting of the moon or any other Hindu holiday as well, it shall be announced through electronic / print media. All the Departments of Secretariat, Heads of Departments and District Collectors shall take action according to such an announcement and without waiting for formal order about the change of date.

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AP GO 2412 General Holidays and Optional Holidays 2017 Download 

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