(GO No.11) TS SSC Spot Valuation Remuneration Rates 2023 Detailed Info Available to Download Here

TS SSC Spot Valuation Remuneration Rates

GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA :-  School Education Department – SSC Public Examinations – Rates of Remuneration for Spot valuation 2023

TS SSC Spot Valuation Remuneration Rates 2023 TS GO No.11 /  Dated: 10-04-2018 here. In 2018, the TS SSC / 10th Public Exams Conducting & Spot Valuation Remuneration Rates were Revised in Accordance with Govt Order 11. TS SSC Exam Centers Duty Staff Enhanced Rates These New Remuneration Rates have Been extended to Personnel drafted for the 2023 . TS SSC Public Exams https://bse.telangana.gov.in/  Conducting, Spot Valuation Camp, Coding Work, and Medical & Health Department.

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What is About  Remuneration for Spot Valuation

Remuneration for spot valuation PDF Download , Refers to the payment made to teachers or other personnel who are involved in the process of Evaluating Students Answer Scripts During a Specific Time Period known as the Spot Valuation period. Spot valuation Compensation typically includes a fixed amount per answer Paper evaluated, as well as allowances for travel, food, and lodging expenses for evaluators who must travel to evaluation centres. Download SSC Exam Center Software 2023.

The Exact Amount of compensation for Spot valuation varies depending on the educational board or institution Administering the Exams, the Subject being Evaluated, and the level of the examination. In some cases, Remuneration is Calculated on a Daily or Hourly Basis, whereas in others, it is based on a salary.

Circumstances Reported by the Director of Government AP SSC Spot Valuation New Rates 2023  Examinations, Telangana, Hyderabad in the References 4th and 5th Read Above, and After Careful Examination of the Matter, The Government hereby decide and order for the Enhancement of the TS SSC Rates of Remuneration to the personnel Drafted for the Work prior to and Conduct of The SSC / 10th Public Examinations @ the Examination Centres, and For the Coding Work and The Conduct of Spot Valuation of the SSC Public Examinations with Effect.

Category Personnel Existing Remuneration  Rates (Per day) Revised Remuneration  rate (per day)
Paper Setter (for Each paper) 880-00 1320.00
Translator (for each paper)) 770-00 1155.00
Moderator (for each paper) 770-00 1155.00
Chief Superintendent 44-00 66.00
Departmental Officer /   Additional Departmental Officer 44-00 66.00
Invigilators  (One for 20 candidates) 22-00 33.00
Clerks (One for each Centre) 22-00 33.00
Attenders   (One for each 100 candidates) 13-20 20.00
Waterman   (One for each 50 candidates) 11-00 17.00
Sitting Squads/Flying Squads 44-00 66.00
Contingencies  (per candidate) 5-50 8.25
Honorarium to Medical Staff – ANM 22.00 33.00
District Level Observers 200.00 300.00

Coding Work and Valuation / Validation

Category Personnel Existing Remuneration  Rate (Per Day) Revised Remuneration  Rates (Per day)
Camp Officer 385  578.00
Dy. Camp Officer (Strong Room) – CO 330  495.00
Dy. Camp Officer (Administration) -COA 330  495.00
Asst. Camp Officer – ACO 286  429 
Chief Examiner – CE 264  396 
Assistant Examiner
(Per Papers valuation)
6-60 10 
Special Assistant – SA 137-50 250 
Clerical Assistant – CA 88 132 
Office Sub-ordinates / Dependent Employees 55  83 
Chief Coding officer – CCO 220  330 
Assistant Coding Officer – ACO 198  297 
Tearing Part of OMR (Part 1 Per OMR Sheet) 0.17 0.26
Examiners for Preparing Principles of Valuation 250  375 

1. Remuneration Rates  for personnel drafted for the administration of SSC public examinations at centres:

    Category   Existing Remuneration  Rates Revised Remuneration  rates
Chief Superintendent (CSO) 40  44- 
Departmental Officer /   Additional Departmental Officer (AO/ ADO) 40  44 
Invigilators (1 for 20 Candidates) 20  22 
Clerks (One for Every centre) 20  22 
Attenders   (One for Every 100 candidates) 12  13-20
Waterman   (One for Every 50 candidates) 10  11 
Sitting Squads 40  44 
Contingencies (per Every  candidate) 5-00 5-50

2.  Remuneration Rates to the Personnel of Spot Valuation Camp:-

Category of Personnel Existing Remuneration   Rates Revised Remuneration  rates
Camp Officer – CO 350  385 
Dy. Camp Officer (Strong Room) 300  330 
Dy. Camp Officer (Administration) COA 300  330 
Asst. Camp Officer (ACO) 260  286 
Chief Examiner – CE 240  264 
Assistant Examiner   (Per Paper valuation) 06  6- 
Special Assistant  125  137 
Clerical Assistant 80  88 
Office Sub-ordinates /  Dependent Employees 50  55 
Paper Setter (for Every paper) 800  880 
Translator (for Every paper)  700  770 
Moderator (for Every paper) 700  770 

3.  Remuneration Rates  to the Personnel Drafted for Coding Work Valuation:-

SL.No. Category of Personnel   Existing Remuneration  Rates Revised Remuneration  rates
1. Chief Coding Officer – CCO 200  220 
2. Asst. Coding Officer – ACO  180  198 
3. Tearing Part of OMR (Part-1) per OMR Sheet  15 00-17

4.  Remuneration Rate to the Personnel drafted by the Medical & Health Department:-

SL.No. Category of Personnel Valuation Existing Remuneration  Rate Revised Remuneration Rate
1. Honoraria to Medical Staff: ANM Previously  not covered 22   per A day
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