TS RC 254 Implementation of Online Pay bills for Model Schools guidelines

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TS Model Schools guidelines of Online pay bills Rc. No. 254/RMSA/TS/2015 Dated:19.10.2015

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Telangana Model Schools – Implementation of Online Paybills Monitoring System for (182) functional Model Schools in the State of Telangana  certain guidelines

All the District Educational Officers and Principals of (182) Model Schools in the state are informed that, software is developed for online monthly pay bill in respect of Model Schools the website address is http://tsrmsa.nic.in/.

Further the District Educational Officers and Principals of (182) Model Schools are requested to follow the schedule of online pay bills as detailed in the guidelines:

  • a) Principals should prefer the pay bill online to their respective District Educational Officer from 23rd to 25th every month.
  • b) Specific remarks of each individual pay bill should invariably shown in the remarks column before submitting to DEOs concern.
  • c) Supplementary bills should be submitted online to respective DEOs on or before 20th of every month.
  • d) Any discrepancy in the pay bill prepared by the Principal found at a later date, he should approach DEO with a request letter for modification.
  • e) District Educational Officer should verify the online pay bills with signed hard copies of respective Principals of Model Schools of their District from 25th to 27th every month duly approval.
  • f) Any discrepancy, while approving the pay bills prepared by the Principals found during approval, he should inform the Additional Director, Model Schools with a request letter for modification, duly indicating reasons.
  • g) Any deviation in time scheduled will be viewed seriously.

Follow the above guidelines scrupulously without any deviation as per the schedule for prompt releases of salaries of teachers working in Model Schools from Head Office any further clarifications in the matter if necessary will be issued separately.

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