TS Primary and UP School Students One Day Tour to Higher Educational Institutions

 One Day Tour for PS and UP School Children to Higher Educational Institutions-Instructions to HMs   

Certain Guidelines to DEOs, DPOs and MEOs to implement Periodic  visits of PS and UP Schools  students to higher secondary schools, intermediate, degree colleges or any other higher educational institutes in the state

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Send the instructions to all PS, UPS head masters, to make a plc for the one day visit tour for the children of their schools to higher educational institutions.

Identify best performing High Schools, Model Schools, KGBVs, Ashram Schools, Navodaya Schools, Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges, Polytechnics, lITs, Engineering Colleges, and o nstitutions in the district. And give the Mandal wise list to co ed MEOs and head masters.

Select a day for the said visit tour acc school’s convenience. The day may be different for each set bleed not fin one date for every school.

Instruct MEOs to identify one Mandal

If it is primary sc ooh then SU class students may be taken to visit HS/KGBV/Ash chool/ Navodaya schools. If it is UP or HS school, then  Students may be taken to visit Junior Co1lege/ En e ring Co1lege/ Degree Co1lege/ Medical College/ echnic/ ITI, etc. preferably within the same Manclal or Division.

Guidelines for One Day Tour 

MEOs should consider the following points while selecting the Higher Education Institutions in their area

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  1. Where Computer Aided Learning is in practice.
  2. Where Language, Science & Math Labs are functional.
  3. Proper Use of Lab Facilities and Library.
  4. Integrating Teaching Learning Process with Lab Experiments.
  5. Project based Learning.
  6. English, Telugu, Hindi, Social, Science and Maths Activities are vibrant and dynamic.
  7. Having Best Faculty / Teaching Staff for English, Telugu, Hindi, Social, Science and Maths.
  8. Having Internet facility for updating of the world English, Telugu, Hindi, Social,Science an knowledge 

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