TS GO.MS.NO:147,House Building loans- Adanvaces for Govt.Employees

#GO.MS.NO:147,Dt.07/07/2015,#Government Employees for House Building purpose –LOANS AND ADVANCES Allotment of funds  financial year 2015-16 under House Building.

LOANS AND ADVANCES – Higher Education Department – Loans to Government Servants for House Building purpose – Allotment of funds towards 1st & 2nd quartersvbudget provision in the financial year 2015-16 under House Building Advance – Re-allocation of funds – Orders – Issued.

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G.O.Rt.No.2137, dated:16-06-2015., Finance (HRM.IV) Department.
 1.In the G.O. read above, the Finance (HRM.IV) Department have released an amount of Rs.24.00 Lakhs (Rupees Twenty Four Lakhs only) to the Higher Education Department including HODs, and an amount of Rs.36.00 lakhs (Rupees Thirty Six Lakhs only) to the District/Regional Offices towards sanction of House Building Advance to the Government employees towards 1st & 2nd quarters during the financial year 2015-16 for re-allocation to the Secretariat (Higher Education) Department including Heads of Departments, District/Regional Offices under the control of the Higher Education Department.

2. Accordingly, and keeping in view the size and strength of the Units of the Heads of Department under the administrative control of the Higher Education wing, the said amounts are hereby re-allocated to the Secretariat (Higher Education) Department,

Heads of Department and Regional/District Offices as shown below

  1. 1 Higher Education Department  8,00,000/- — 
  2. 2 Commissioner of Technical Education  4,00,000/- 6,00,000/-
  3. 3 Commissioner of Intermediate Education  4,00,000/- 20,00,000/–
  4. 4 Commissioner of Collegiate Education  4,00,000/- 10,00,000/-
  5. 5 Director of State Archives &Dist. Gazetteers Department 2,00,000/- —
  6. 6 Director of Oriental Manuscripts, Libraries & Research Institute 2,00,000/-

Total Rs. 24,00,000/- 36,00,000/-

3. All the Heads of Departments shall keep the following principles in view while sanctioning the loans to the staff members under their control apart from other rules in force.

  1. (i) The Heads of Department should not utilize the amount allotted to the employees of District/Regional Offices for sanction of House Building Advance to the employees of the Heads of Department;
  2. (ii) Instructions issued regarding allotment in respect of Class-IV employees should
  3. (iii) The sanctioning authority shall ensure that prompt follow up action is also taken up after sanctioning the advance in getting the formalities completed by the loanees;
  4. (iv) It shall also be ensured that the cases for sanction of advances for house construction/repairs/ready built house shall be considered only after meeting the requirement of committed cases in full.
  5. (v) No HBA for House Construction/Ready Built House purpose should be sanctioned to those Government employees who were allotted houses by the HUDA/AP lHousing Board, Cooperative Societies etc

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