TS DA GO 26 Dearness Relief to Telangana Pensioners of Telangana DA GO

Telangana Pensioners Enhanced DA 15.296%/.Telangana Govt have been released Dearness Allowance order 26 on 11-03-2016 for their Employees. Telangana getting New DA from 12.052% to 15.196% of basic pay from 1st of July, 2015. So now Dearness Relief to pensioners sanctioned from 12.052% of the basic pay to 15.196% from 01-07-2015.

TS GO 26 Pensioner Enhanced DA 15.196% for Telangana Employees and Teachers

TS Go 26 Dearness Relief to Telangana Pensioners DA 

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* TS Pensioners Revised DA GO 26 Copy Download

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