Telangana Sakala Janula Samme Treated as Special Casual Leave as Per GO 1

TS Sakala Janula Samme by the Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers of Telangana Region – Treatment of period of Strike as Special Casual Leave

GO 1 Telangana Sakala Janula Samme Treated as Special Casual Leave. 

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GO 1 Dated 2-1-2016 Sakala Janula Samme Treated as Spl CL. 

Telangana Finance (HRM.III) Department G.O.MS.No. 1 Dated: 02-01-2016

 The Chairman and President, TNGOs Central Union and others, Hyderabad, have stated that the Joint Action Committee of Telangana Employees, Gazetted Officers, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners, have participated in “Sakala Janula Samme” as per the aspiration of Telangana people from 13.09.2011 to 24.10.2011. The Joint Action Committee of Telangana Employees, Gazetted Officers, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners accordingly have been requesting for the sanction of Special Casual Leave for 42 days Sakala Janula Samme period in integrated Andhra Pradesh.The Chairman, Joint Action Committee of Employees, Gazetted Officers, Teachers and Workers and President, T.N.G.Os., Central Union and Others in their representation 8th read above haverequested the Government of Telangana to treat this period of “Sakala Janula Samme” i.e. 13.9.2011 to 24.10.2011 as “ON DUTY” with all consequential benefits.
1. Accordingly,Government hereby order that the “Special Casual Leave” equal to the number of days of their actual participation in Sakala Janula Samme be sanctioned to those employees who had participated in the above Samme and restore to their leave accounts equal amount of leave, if any, already availed by them in terms of the above orders. These orders, shall be however subject to the final orders in the cases pending before the Hon’bleHigh Court.
2. In the case of those employees, who have availed the benefit of orders in the reference 7thread above and thus received payments for the strike period and whose leave accounts have been debited, there shall be no payment of cash but only leave will be recredited into their leave accounts to the extent of actual number of days of their participation in the Strike and leave debited to their accounts. Before giving any credit of earned leave under these orders the leave sanctioning authority shall satisfy himself/herself that the employee’s leave account was actually debited by the number of days for which the employee went on Strike.
3. In respect of the employees who have not availed the benefit of the G.O. issued in the reference7thread above, but have however, drawn Special Advance in terms of the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.240, Finance (A&L) Department, dated 28.10.2011, pay and allowances shall be admitted to the extent of the ‘Special Casual Leave’ sanctioned as per the orders issued in paragraph five above, after effecting all statutory deductions and other recoveries due from the employee and also adjusting the advance drawn by him/ her mentioned above. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers shall ensure consequent revision of the instalments of recoveries of various loans and advances already made and indicate the correct instalments in the schedules so that the missing credits for the loans and advances are properly reconciled by the Accountant General (A&E).
4. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers before making payment shall verify from the Leave Sanctioning Authority/Service Register of the employee that the employee had not availed the benefit in terms of G.O. 7thread above and enclose a certificate to the effect that no emoluments have previously been drawn for those days.
5. The Leave Sanctioning Authorities shall record necessary entries regarding sanction of ‘Special Casual Leave’ in the Service Registers.
6. In the case of employees, who participated in the Sakala Janula Samme and have since retired or died, appropriate action as per the above orders shall be taken by the competent authorities and arrears if any shall be drawn and paid to the retired employees or the legal heirs as the case may be. Their pensionary benefits shall be revised accordingly if necessary.
7. In respect of those employees, who on the date of commencement of the strike, are on sanctioned leave of any kind, either on private affairs or on medical grounds and whose leave period falls in whole or part of the strike period, no orders for cancellation of such leave shall be issued by the leaveSanctioning Authorities on any ground and they are to be treated as though they are continuing on leave and the benefit in paragraph 11 shall not be admissible to them to the extent of sanctioned leave.
8. All the Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments shall follow the above orders scrupulously.

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* TS GO 1 Sakala Janula Samme Period Sp.CL Sanction Copy Download 

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