Pashu Kisan Credit Limit Scheme 2023 : Eligibility,Benefits,Goal,Process to apply

pashu Kisan Credit Limit Scheme 2023

Pashu Kisan Credit Limit Scheme 2023

Pashu Kisan Credit Limit Scheme 2023, The Haryana government has issued this scheme to its states. All farmers who have animal husbandry, such as cow and buffalo animal husbandry, will benefit from this scheme. The government has launched this scheme in order to double farmers’ income. Under this scheme, government farmers receive loans from the government for a period of one year, with payments made in six instalments over the course of the year.

Animal credit card facility has been created for farmers who want to do animal rearing or animal husbandry but due to poor economic conditions they have to sell their reared animals and then they are unable to take the animal, in such a situation the cattle rearer has to face a lot of problems, sometimes they do not even have the money to buy the animal.

What is the Goal of the Pashu Kisan Credit Card

The Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme was announced by the government in response to the situation of sugarcane farmers. Many animals die as a result of illness or injury, and farmers do not have the funds to treat these animals. Given the difficulties, the government’s primary goal is to assist farmers and improve their businesses. The Animal Credit Card Scheme allows farmers to receive up to Rs 160,000 in benefits. This amount is available to all farmers without guarantee.

The government has also implemented many schemes to promote animal husbandry, and in order for farmers to advance in the field of agriculture, the government has provided financial assistance to farmers in a variety of ways. If you are a farmer and want to do animal husbandry in addition to farming, the government will provide you with a free loan to do so. If you want to do animal husbandry, we will provide you with all of the information you need below.

What exactly is the Animal Farmer Credit Card Scheme?

JP Dalal, Haryana’s Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Minister, initiated this scheme. The primary goal of this scheme is to provide loans to cattle rearers. Any cattle rearer with a cow can get a loan of up to Rs.40,783, and anyone with a buffalo can get a loan of up to Rs.60,249.
Cattle rearers must apply for the Pashu Kisan Credit Card in order to receive this loan assistance. The loan amount will be given to the cattle rearer in six equal instalments under this scheme. Aside from that, the money must be returned to the animal farmer with 4% interest over a one-year period. The interest on the loan will begin when the beneficiary receives the first instalment of the loan.

New Pashu Kisan Credit Card Information

Begun by the government! Farmers are given loans to purchase animals through the Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme. This increases interest in raising the animal! Along with this, an increase in farmers’ income is submitted! The Haryana government decided to issue credit cards to 100,000 farmers by August 15, 2020! And now, after giving out this credit card! Target plans to issue 700,000 new credit cards! In Haryana, there are currently 3600000 milk animals. It provides the primary source of income for 16 lakh families.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Features

The following are the benefits of the Pashu Kisan Credit Card scheme:

  • Livestock owners can apply for a loan of up to Rs.3 lakh. The scheme will pay Rs.60,249 for each buffalo, Rs.40,783 for each cow, Rs.720 for each egg-laying hen, and Rs.4063 for each sheep or goat. There will be no need for a guarantee for loans up to Rs.1.6 lakh.
  • While financial institutions/banks charge a 7.00% interest rate on loans, livestock owners under the Pashu Kisan Credit Card scheme will pay a 4.00% interest rate.
  • Within five years, the livestock owners must repay the loan amount plus interest.
  • Cattle owners will receive loans in six equal instalments.
  • The Central Government will provide a 3.00% rebate.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana 2023 Eligibility

qualifications are required to obtain an animal farmer credit card

  • All animal husbandry farmers in the country will be able to take advantage of the Animal
  • Husbandry Credit Card Scheme.
  • Farmers with less farmland.
  • Farmers who do not own their own land.
  • Farmers raise cattle, goats, and buffaloes, among other animals.
  • This scheme will provide benefits to all such farmers.

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Who Can Get a Pashu Kisan Credit Card?

The following is a list of people who can apply for the Pashu Kisan Yojana:

A Haryana resident involved in cattle farming.
People who have a Kisan Credit Card.
Individuals from underprivileged groups are eligible to apply for this scheme.
Now that cattle owners are aware of the eligibility requirements and required documents, we can proceed to the section on the Pashu Kisan Credit Card Scheme application process.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana 2023 Advantages

  • Farmer insurance can obtain a loan under this scheme by pledging anything.
  • Farmers who are given credit cards can use them in the same way that debit cards are used in banks.
  • Cattle owners will receive a loan of Rs.60,249 per buffalo and a loan of Rs.40,783 per cow under this Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana.
  • Credit card holders can borrow up to Rs 1.60 lakh without putting up any collateral under this scheme.
  • Cattle breeders will receive annual loans at 7% interest from all banks, with the interest reduced to 3% if payments are made on time.
  • If the loan amount exceeds three lakhs, the interest rate will be 12 percent.
  • The amount of interest must be paid in one-year intervals before the next amount is given to him.

Application Methodology:

  • Visit the website of the bank or branch closest to your account to begin the application process.
  • Find the Kisan Credit Limit Program Application Form online or in person.
  • Fill out the application form with the requested information.
  • Attach or upload the necessary documents, and include your photo.
  • If all of the information on the application form is correct, submit it.
  • The beneficiary receives a credit card from the bank.

1)What is the maximum credit limit on the Kisan Credit Card?
Ans Limits range from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1.50 lakhs: Rs.200 + GST. Exceeding Rs.1.50 lakhs to Rs.3.00 lakhs: Rs.250 per lakh or part thereof + GST. Limits in excess of Rs.3.00 lakhs: 0.35% of loan limit + GST.

2)How is the KCC limit determined?
Ans The final value will be determined by the PMFBY premium, verification of land details, and eligibility according to Bank policy. The PMFBY premium for notified crops in the district is 1.5% of the loan amount for Rabi crops, 2% for Kharif crops, and 5% for horticulture crops.

3)What exactly is Pashu KCC?
Ans The Indian government introduced the ‘Pashu Kisan Credit Card’ to benefit all animal husbandry farmers. This card will boost the country’s animal husbandry industry and help farmers earn more money.