Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana 2023 Goal, Advantages, Eligibility, Budget, Application Process

Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana

Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana 2023 : Goal, Advantages, Eligibility, Budget, Application Process

Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana 2023. The Tripura State Government has launched the Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana, which will provide various benefits to shopkeepers in rural areas of the state. There are numerous such major markets in the state’s rural areas, where the income of a large population is dependent on the shop owners. Such shopkeepers in these markets who have suffered losses as a result of Covid-19 will have their economic situation improved by providing them with various benefits under the Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana Tripura.
Along with this, the scheme’s beneficiaries will be brought into the formal economy by providing them with benefits such as business licence registration, insurance coverage, and financial assistance from various central and state government schemes. In addition, the Central Government is providing benefits to the shop owners under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Mukhymantri Swanirbhar Yojana’s goal

The primary goal of the Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana is to compensate shop owners who have suffered losses as a result of Covid-19. Through this scheme, shop owners will be brought into the formal economy by providing them with a trade licence, insurance coverage, a loan, and the benefits of various financial assistance schemes offered by the state and federal governments. The shop owners will become self-sufficient and able to finance their daily needs with the help of the Yojana.

Registration with the National Pension Scheme for Traders

This will provide retirement security and social security. Retail traders have access to a national pension plan. Several beneficiaries are introduced to shopkeepers and self-employed individuals. Under this, the annual turnover is limited to Rs 1.5 crore. This is a purely voluntary programme. Shopkeepers will receive a minimum of Rs 3000 per month under this scheme. This is equivalent to a pension for them. They will receive the money when they reach the age of 60. If the applicant for the pension dies before reaching the age of 60, the beneficiary’s spouse will receive a 50% pension amount as a family pension. This family pension scheme is only available to one person.

Shopkeepers’ Trade Licence

The Tripura Panchayat Rules 2011 have been prepared by the Rural Development Department of Panchayati Raj Institution areas for tax collection. Until the 30th of May 2020, a total of 19683 trades have been issued to retailers and wholesalers. Shopkeepers must manually submit their trade licence applications to the Gram Panchayat. There is no online system for obtaining a trade licence. The government has proposed that the Panchayat Samiti, in collaboration with the Market Committee, organise trade licence camps in market clusters. The Panchayati Raj Institutions will bear the cost of organising these camps from their own revenue.
To apply for a trade licence, the shopkeeper must submit a trade licence application form as well as a photocopy of his or her voter ID card or Aadhaar card. The shopkeeper must deposit Rs.100 per year if he is a wholesaler and Rs.50 per year if he is a retailer when submitting the application. Every two years, the shopkeeper must renew his or her business licence.

Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana’s  Features

  • Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana has been launched to provide various types of benefits to shop owners who have suffered losses as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.
  • This scheme will bring shop owners into the formal channels of the national economy.
  • This scheme will also ensure registration under the trade licence.
  • This scheme will also provide insurance coverage benefits and various types of economic assistance under Central and state government schemes.
  • All shop owners will become self-sufficient as a result of the implementation of this scheme. As a result, they will be able to fund their day-to-day activities.
  • This scheme will also benefit all people who rely on shop owners for a living.
  • Shop owners will also be able to obtain loans through the Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana.
  • As a consequence, they can conduct their business.
  • This scheme is open to all residents of Tripura state.

Tripura Self-sufficiency Project Eligibility Criteria

All candidates who meet the eligibility criteria listed below will be eligible for a loan under the Atmanirbhar Tripura scheme. The following eligibility criteria must be given priority under the Atmanirbhar Tripura scheme:-

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the state of Tripura.
  • The applicant must be from one of the Other Backward Classes (OBC).
  • Candidates must be Antyodaya, BPL, or a priority family as determined by the Food and Civil Supplies Department.
  • Applicants from the OBC community with an annual family income of less than Rs 1.20 lakh will be eligible.
  • Every eligible candidate will be able to apply online for Atmanirbhar Tripura Shikem to receive financial assistance.

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Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana Tripura Advantages

The Tripura government has launched the Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana, which benefits shopkeepers in rural areas of the state.

  • This scheme provides various types of benefits to shop owners who have suffered losses as a result of the corona epidemic, allowing them to become financially empowered.
  • They will be brought into the formal economy through the state government’s scheme, with the goal of improving the economic condition of the beneficiary shopkeepers.
  • Along with this, insurance coverage benefits and other financial schemes launched by the Central and State Governments will be provided to the beneficiary shop owners.
  • Beneficiary shopkeepers will be able to become financially self-sufficient and easily finance their day-to-day activities if Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana Tripura runs smoothly.
  • Loan facilities will also be provided to shop owners through this scheme launched by the state government, allowing them to establish their own employment.
  • In addition, all such people who rely on shop owners for a living will benefit from this scheme.
  • Any state citizen may apply for benefits under the Tripura State Government’s scheme.
  • Beneficiary shopkeepers will also be registered under a business licence.

Important Document for Online Application:

  • The Aadhar card
  • The ration card
  • Certificate of residence
  • Account information
  • Income verification
  • Certificate of Caste
  • Photograph in passport size

How to Apply for Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana

  • First and foremost, the applicant must obtain an application form from the gramme Panchayat or rural development block.
  • Now, the applicant must complete the application form by entering all of the required information such as name, email address, mobile number, and so on.
  • Following that, the applicant must attach all required documents to this application form.
  • Applicants must now submit this form to the gramme panchayat or rural development block.
  • Applicants can apply for the Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana by following this procedure.
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