How To Transfer Money Balance From Airtel To Airtel Number in 2023? Latest Tips & Tricks

How To Transfer Money Balance From Airtel To Airtel Number

Transfer Money Balance From Airtel To Airtel Number    in 2024? Latest Tips & Tricks To Follow

How To Transfer Money Balance From Airtel To Airtel  2024 Sharing talk time between Airtel prepaid Numbers is possible with the Airtel Gifting Service.These are the easiest steps to follow.

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Enter *141# on your phone, then when prompted, choose Share talk time. Airtel 5G Recharge Plans 2023  In the next steps, you can verify the costs and enter the recipient’s cellphone number after entering the amount you wish to transfer to the other Airtel number. If you’re still unclear, there are thorough step-by-step instructions provided below.

How To Transfer Balance From Airtel to Airtel

Airtel To Airtel Balance Transfer Code:-

The Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code 2023 is *141# through which you Can Share Talktime and Data Balance in Airtel within a Few Seconds.

Share Talktime in Airtel SIM Airtel Balance Transfer Code 2023
Airtel To Airtel Balance Transfer Code *141#
Minimum Sharing Talktime Balance Rs 5
Maximum Sharing Talktime Balance Rs 40
Balance Sharing Service Fee/Charge Rs 2 To Rs 10 (Depends on the shared balance)

1. Dial *141# From your Mobile, and wait For the Menu options to Appear:

It looks Similar to This This:

1 –  Share talk time

2. Adv Internet

3. Take Adv talktime / Ask TT

4. Auto Credit

5. Gift pack

6. Poke call

7. Call me back SMS

8. Happy Hours

9. Account

10.  Help.

2. Click the “Answer” button, choose “Share talk time” by entering”1,” and then click the “Send” button.

3. A message inviting you to input any number between 5 and 40 will be sent to you. After choosing “answer,” you must enter the amount you wish to transfer: (If you have a minimum balance of Rest. 10 after deduction (which includes service charge), you can share with your friends up to a maximum of Rs. 40. Up to five times a day and thirty times per month, you can share talk time. Best Free Recharge Tricks & Apps 2024.

4. The amount that you will be charged, including the service tax, will be shown in detail on the next screen. I received a notification stating that I will be charged INR 7 plus a service fee of INR 2 when I attempted to transfer 5. If that’s okay with you, click Answer and provide the friend’s mobile number that you intended to send the amount to.

5. After inputting the Number, Click the “Send” Button.

6. A message including the transaction details, such as the Amount Transferred to the Number you Supplied and the Amount plus service tax you were charged, will be sent to you.

Airtel Balance & Data Transfer Codes: Share Talktime 2024

After Jio, Airtel is the second-biggest telecom provider in India. As a result, thousands of Airtel customers would experience low or no talktime balance. Not everyone will be able to recharge their phone at that time.

Airtel Balance Transfer Codes were introduced as a solution to this problem, allowing you to share your Airtel Talktime Balance and Data Balance with other Airtel phones.

You can move the balance from one Airtel account to another by using the Airtel Balance Transfer USSD Codes & Number. Additionally, you can provide another Airtel mobile number access to your talktime balance. A talktime balance of between Rs 5 and Rs 40 can be shared. I’ll walk you through the entire process of moving an Airtel talktime balance to another Airtel account in this article.

How To Transfer Balance From Airtel To Airtel

  • Launch the caller app on your phone.
  • Press *141# to place a call.
  • The message “Welcome To Airtel” pops up. Select the “OK” option.
  • Once more, a pop-up notification shows up.
  • This time, in response, select the first option: “Share Talktime.”
  • Select the amount you wish to transfer, then respond with the relevant figure.
  • Lastly, type in the Airtel prepaid phone number that you wish to use to receive your account balance transfers.
  • After confirming the share balance on your service charge, click the Send button.
  • Completed.
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