Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu (Republic Day/ Independence Day) 2024- Download School Prayer MP 3 songs for all functions in Pataasala

Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu (Republic Day/ Independence Day)- School Prayer MP 3 songs for all functions in Pataasala

Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu (Republic Day/ Independence Day) 2024 – School Prayer MP 3 songs for all functions in Pataasala

Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu (Republic Day/ Independence Day Speech) 2024 – Download School Prayer MP 3 songs for all functions in Pataasala: Independence Day songs in Telugu, Republic Day songs in Telugu. Independence Day songs Jan 26th & August 15th, 2024. Happy Independence Day Message, Happy Independence Day Speech, Happy Independence Day WhatsApp Status, and Happy Independence Day Telugu speech download. Telugu Desha Bhakthi Songs/ Geethalu Independence Day and Republic Day Telugu Special Desha Bhakthi geethalu, Telugu desabhakti geetalu and patriotic songs. Desha bhakthi geethalu lyrics and music free download.

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Desha Bhakthi Geethalu, or patriotic songs, hold a special place in the hearts of Telugu-speaking people. These musical expressions of love for the nation not only carry historical significance but also resonate deeply with the cultural fabric of Telugu society.

Historical Significance of Desha Bhakthi Geethalu

The roots of Desha Bhakthi Geethalu can be traced back through the annals of history. Emerging as a response to significant historical events, these songs have served as a powerful medium for expressing love for the motherland. From the struggle for independence to the formation of the state, each era has seen the birth of new patriotic compositions.

Prominent Desha Bhakthi Songs 26th January Republic Day Songs and 15th August Independence Day

Telugu Independance Day Songs free download Desabhakti Geeyhalu. desabhakti gayalu in telugu desha bhakthi geethalu telugu pdf desabhakti geetalu telugu lyrics desabhakti geyalu in telugu desabhakti geetalu telugu pdf, telugu desha bhakti songs free download, desabhakti geetalu telugu mp3 download, desabhakti geetalu in telugu wikipedia.School Prayer Songs and Patriotic MP 3 Songs ( Desabhakthi geethalu )very Useful to all Schools at Morning time Independence day Republic day and Other functions.

Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu (Republic Day/ Independence Day) 2024 – School Prayer MP 3 songs for all functions in Pataasala

Celebrations in Our Schools and other functions like Independence Day Songs, Republic Day Songs, and Other National Festivals.

Independence Day Speech in Telugu/ Hindi/ English language Download

Republic Day /Independence Day Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu – Overview

Category Songs
Republic Day Songs (Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu) – “Maa Telugu Thalliki”
– “Desam Manade Tejam Manade”
– “Vandemataram Srinivasulu”
– “Sankaraa Bharanam”
Independence Day 2024 Children Songs – “Bharath Bhagya Vidhata”
– “Naa Desam Naa Praja”
– “Jai Ho India”
– “Cheliya Cheliya” (Patriotic Version)
School Prayer MP3 Songs for All Functions – “Sarvadharma Prayer Song”
– “Vidyabhivandana Geetham”
– “Gurave Namaha”
– “Saraswathi Namasthubyam”
Telugu Patriotic Songs for School Prayer – “Telugu Bhasha Teeyadanam”
– “Andhrula Charitra”
– “Telugu Veera Levara”
– “Telugu Janaganamana”
Telugu Desabhakthi Songs – “Sarvabhouma Deshbhakthi”
– “Veerulara Vandanam”
– “Telugu Janapada Geethalu”
– “Telugu Veera Levara”

Here are a few well-known Telugu patriotic songs (Telugu Desabhakthi Geethalu):

1. “Maa Telugu Thalliki” – This song is dedicated to the Telugu language and culture, celebrating the unity of Telugu-speaking people.

2. “Vandemataram” – The iconic national song of India, originally composed by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. It’s often sung in different languages, including Telugu.

3. “Desam Manade Tejam Manade” – A song that expresses pride in the country and its people, emphasizing that the nation’s glory and strength are in the hands of its citizens.

4. “Sare Jahan Se Achha” – While originally written in Urdu by Allama Iqbal, this song is also sung in Telugu as well as other languages, conveying a message of unity and patriotism.

5. “Punyabhoomi Naa Desam” – A song that pays tribute to the greatness of India and its diverse culture, highlighting the nation’s historical and spiritual significance.

6. “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Uth” – This song urges the people of the country to wake up and take charge of their destiny, contributing to the progress of the nation.

7. “Jaya Jayahe Telangana” – Celebrating the culture and spirit of the Telangana region, this song invokes the unity and pride of its people.

8. “Andhra Janani Jayamu Jayamu” – A song praising the land of Andhra Pradesh and its contributions to the nation’s heritage.

Download Prayer and Patriotic Songs School Prayer songs:

1. Pledge in English
2. Vandematharam
3. Maa Telugu thalliki
4. Janaganamana
5. Saraswathinamasthubyam
6. Saraswathi Prarthna
7. Shuklam Bhadham
8. Yaa mukundendu 
9. Saraswathi Pradana
10. Jaya jai he Telangana State Song
11. Prarthana Gaikonumu Thalli

Patriotic Songs (Desabhakthi Songs)

1. Desam Manadee
2. Maa thujesalam
3. Bharatha Desam Mana
4. Adigadigo Akasana
5. Bharatha mathaku jejelu
6. Gandi putina Desamaa
7. JayaJa Priyabarathi
8. Mounangane Edagamani
9. Naa janma bumi
10. Nee Darmam
11. Saare jahase Achaa
12. Telugu veera levara
13. Edesamegina
14. Desamu Preminchu manna
15. Thenela Thetala
16. Padavoi Barathiyuda
17. Nadesam Pavithra Bhumi
18. Undile Manchikalam 
19. Vandematharam Vandematharam 
20. Jana Jagruthi Song

Desabhakthi Geethalu Lyrics Pdf file 50 Songs Pdf Download

74th Republic Day 26th January 2024 Patriotic Songs, Speeches in Telugu Hindi English pdf Download

Note: Read the republic day number count as 74th Republic Day as on 26th January 2024

పాడవోయి భారతీయుడా.. ఆడి పాడవోయి విజయ గీతికా : దేశభక్తి గీతం – మహాకవి శ్రీ శ్రీ 

దేశభక్తి గీతాలు | స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవ గీతాలు | గణతంత్ర దినోత్సవ గీతాలు | సంఘ గీతాలు | అఖండ భారత్ Independence Day Special Song , Desam Kosam Jeeviddam , Happy Independence Day , Happy Independence Day , Independence day songs in telugu , desha bhakthi geethalu telugu lo desha bhakthi patalu , telugu lo desha bhakthi geethalu in telugu wikipedia , Latest patriotic songs in telugu , rss songs in telugu , latest rss songs in telugu , desha bhakti geetalu , abvp songs in telugu , rashtriya swayamsevak songs , rss songs , desha bhakthi gayalu in telugu lyrics , desha bhakthi padyalu in telugu , desha bhakthi geethalu in telugu matter , desha bhakthi songs in telugu mp3 free download.

తెలుగు వీర లేవరా..దీక్షపూని సాగరా.. దేశమాత స్వేచ్ఛకోరి తిరుగు బాటు చేయరా..

FAQ for Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu (26th January Republic Day / 15th August Independence Day) 

1. What are Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu?

Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu are patriotic songs in the Telugu language that celebrate the spirit of nationalism, freedom, and love for the country. These songs are often sung during important national events like Republic Day (26th January) and Independence Day (15th August).

2. Where can I find Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu MP3 songs for school functions?

You can find Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu MP3 songs for school functions on various online platforms, music streaming services, and educational websites. You can search for specific songs or collections related to Republic Day and Independence Day performances.

3. Can you suggest some popular Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu for school functions?

Certainly! Here are some popular Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu that are often performed during school functions on Republic Day and Independence Day:

  • “Maa Telugu Talliki Malle Poodhanda”
  • “Vande Mataram”
  • “Desamante Matti Kaadoyi”
  • “Bharatanaari Neevu”
  • “Jaya Jayahe Telangana Janani Jaya Kethanam”

4. How can I prepare for a school function involving Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu?

To prepare for a school function involving Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu, follow these steps:

  • Select the appropriate songs based on the occasion (Republic Day or Independence Day).
  • Obtain the MP3 versions of the songs from reputable sources.
  • Rehearse the songs with the students and ensure they understand the meaning and significance of the lyrics.
  • Plan the choreography or stage setup to enhance the performance.
  • Ensure proper audio equipment is available for playing the MP3 songs during the function.

5. Are there any specific guidelines for using these songs in school functions?

While using Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu in school functions, it’s important to respect copyright laws and give proper credit to the original creators. Obtain the songs from legal and authorized sources to avoid any copyright violations. Additionally, encourage the students to sing with pride and reverence for the nation.

6. Can I create a medley of different Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu for the school function?

Yes, you can create a medley of different Telugu Desabhakti Geethalu to make the school function more engaging. Blend multiple songs to create a seamless performance that captures the essence of patriotism and unity.

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