Child reimbursement of education tuition fees application and full details

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Enhancement of reimbursement of education tuition fees from Rs. 400/- to Rs.1,000/

                                   Secondary Education-NInth Pay Revision Commission Recommendations, 2010-Enhancement of reimbursement of education tuition fees from Rs. 400/- to Rs.1,000/- per annum, per pupil, to the children, not exceeding two, of Non-Gazetted Officers and Class-IV employees studying in qll the classes from L.K.G. to Intermediate/12th Class Based on the Recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission, 2005, orders issued earlier enhancing reimbursement of tuition fees from Rs. 300/- to Rs.400/- to the children not exceeding two, of Non Gazetted Officers and Class-IV employees
studying in classes from 1st to 10th.

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  • 1.The Ninth Pay Revision Commission, 2010 recommended enhancement of the above said reimbursement of tuition fees from Rs. 400/- to Rs.1,000/- and also recommended extending the benefit from LKG to Intermediate/ 12th class
  • 2.The Governemnt, after careful examination of the matter and also the recommendations of the Ninthe Pay Revision Commission, 2010, hereby enhance the reimbursement of tuition fees from Rs.400/- to Rs.1,000/- per annum, per pupil to the children not exceeding two, of all the Class-IV employees and Non- Gazetted Officers studying in all the classes from LKG to Intermediate/12th Class, subject to the other usual conditions regarding the submission of receipts, certificates, rtc., as per existiong Rules and Regulations, from the present Academic year of 2010-2011.

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Sanction orders should be supported by school fee receipts in original.

  • 1.The school should be recognised by Government of A.P. irrespective of whether grant-in-aid is received or not. Or recognized by CBSE, NEWDELHI
  • 2.If one of the parents is a Gazetted Officer and other is a Non-Gazetted Officer (NGO) Concession is not admissible.
  • 3.Certificate stating whether Spouse is employee in Statew, Central, Quasi Government, etc., where similar concessions are available and have not been qvailed is to be furnishedby the Government servant and attested by the DDO.
  • 4.If the Government servant is under suspension, concession is admissible pending result of the enquiry.
  • 5.The concessions is claimed up to the monthe is which NGO is ousted for want or vacancy/dismissed/ retired from service and not till the end of the school year.
  • 6.The claim is restricted to Rs.1000/- per child per annum in respect of students studying from 1 to Intermediate and the scheme shall be limited to 2 children of Non-Gazetted Officers.
  • 7.The claim is restricted to Rs. 65/- per annum per child in respect of students studying Degree. It is further restricted to 2 chioldren for each Government servant (G.).Ms. No.1, Education, Department, dt. 2-1-1982).
  • 8.Bills shall be drawn on pay bill form i.e.APTC Form-47
  • 9.The concession is applicable to all NON-GAZETTED/CLASS IV EMPLOYEES drawing salaries under 010 HEAD.

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