AP Teachers work adjustment UP/ High Schools new staff pattern

Teachers work Adjustment Main Points , Primary Schools Teachers Pupil Ratio  Upper Primary / High Schools TPR new Pettern , Rationalisation norm all GOs

AP Teachers work adjustment Primary Schools new staff pattern  

Video conference to DEOs work Adjustment Main Points :

As per the new staff pattern surplus teachers identified who transferred in recent transfers will be adjusted.
The teachers who are not  transferred will not be adjusted.
work adjustment as per Recent transfers seniority list & Web councilling.
Teachers Pupil Ratio ( TPR ). :

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  1. Primary School -1:30 
  2. Upper Primary Schools – 1:35 
  3. High Schools -1:40 

After work adjustment the remaining teachers will be adjusted to DIET supporting staff to MEO/DYEO.

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* GO 84 Rationalisation Guidelines Copy Download