AP ST School Students Scholarship Enhanced as per GO 16 for Best Available Schools Students

AP GO 16 AP Tribal Schools for Scholarship rate to Rs.18,000/- to 3rd to 7th classes and Rs.26,000/- for classes 8th to 10th per student Increase per annum in the BAS scheme from the Academic year 2015-16. AP Tribal Schools Best Available Schools Enhancement of Scholarship rate to Rs.18,000 to 3rd to 7th classes and Rs.26,000 for classes 8th to 10th per student per annum to the ST students and Increase intake of ST students from 4149 to 8298 duly including the Schools of Excellence in the BAS scheme from the Academic year 2015-16 Orders. 

AP ST Best Available Schools Students Scholarship Enhanced Rates as per GO MS No16 Dt.30-01-2016.


1.In the G.O. 6th read Below the DTW, Hyderabad has stated that basing on the huge demand from S.T. Parents for admission of their children under Best Available Schools in the respective Districts and also to provide quality education to their wards in their District itself, particularly in rural areas, it is proposed to increase the number of pre-matric scholarships to be sanctioned to the S.T. students studying in the Best Available Schools by 100% adding another 4149 seats from the academic year 2015-16.
2. Further, the DTW, Hyderabad has informed that the present fee structure of Rs.20, 000/- per annum per boarder which was fixed during 2001 vide G.O. 2nd read below needs to be enhanced in order to enroll the best schools offering the best academic inputs under this scheme, basing on the various factors such as price escalation of commodities, the nutritional needs, increase in rents and other items etc,.
3. Therefore the DTW, Hyderabad has requested the Government to enhance Pre Matric scholarship rate of ST students studying in Best Available Schools Rs.20,000/- for the 3rd to 7th classes and Rs.30,000/- for the 8th to 10th classes and also to increase the intake of ST children from 4149 to 8298 seats from 2015-16 onwards duly including the Schools of Excellence in to the Best Available Schools scheme.  

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Read the following:
  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.175, Social Welfare (E.1) Department, Dt. 07-12-1990. 
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.70, Social Welfare (TW.Edn.II) Department, Dt.01-08-2001. 
  • 3. G.O.Ms.No.49, Social Welfare (TW.Edn.1) Department, Dt.20-06-2013. 
  • 4. G.O.Rt.No.157, TW Eucation.A2, Department, Dt.02-04-2015. 
  • 5. G.O.Ms.No.42, Social Welfare (TW) Department, Dt.31-05-2006. 
  • 6. Director of Tribal Welfare, AP., Hyderabad, Letter Rc.No.J2/1435/2015, Dt.19-05-2015, 07-07-2015 & 20-11-2015. 

4. The DTW, AP., Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.from the Academic year 2015-16 duly including the Schools of Excellence.

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The Best Available Schools scheme subject to considering the following:-  

  1. i) Department shall closely monitor the performance of the students and the schools and ensure special counseling support for the students. 
  2. ii) Ensure atleast 80% admissions to students from scheduled areas. 
  3. iii) Payment is made through Aadhaar linked Bank Account. 

5. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.14280/141/A2/EBS-III/2015, Dt.18-08-2015  

The DTW, AP., Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

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* AP GO 16 AP ST School Students Scholarship Enhanced Copy Download 

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