AP SSA Pro.No. A4/2342/ SSA/2015-16,Delegation of Financial Powers for the F.Y 2015-16

Andra Pradesh SSA ,Procgs.No. A4/2342/ SSA/2015-16, Dt.27 -06-2015,Delegation of Financial Powers for the F.Y 2015-16

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1) This office Proc No A3/2342/SSA /2014 dt :14.05.14
2) This office Proc No A3/2342/SSA /2014 dt :14.08.14
3) This office Proc No A3/2342/SSA /2014 dt : 25.04.15
4) Lr Rc No 775/ Accounts I AP SSA / 2015 dt 16.06.15 of the PO SSA Visakhapatnam.

  1. The Project Officer SSA Visakhapatnam in the reference 4th cited has proposed certain modifications to the delegation of powers issued in this office Proc No A3/23421SSA /2014 dt :14.08.14. 
  2. After careful examination of the proposal of the Project officer and in partial modification of this office proceedings cited in references 1st, 2nd & 3rd above and in exercise of the powers vested with the State Project Director AP SSA, Hyderabad, the following revised delegation of powers are issued for drawl of funds during the F.Y 2015-16 , CRC & MRC grants, Salaries of DPO staff and remuneration of field staff : 
  3.  a) The Project officers are empowered to approve the file and sign jointly on the cheques along with FAO even for more than Rs.1.00 Lakh duly watching the guidelines of FM & P Manual of SSA, article 4 & 5 of AP Financial code, AWP & B and other instructions issued from time to time.

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