AP PATANOTSAVAM Programme Schedule, Guidelines, Action Plan in AP Schools

AP Schools Conduct programme of PATHANOTSAVAM festival Dates, Reading festival schedule in AP Primary, UP, High Schools. Action Plan of PATANOSTAVAM. Sub: SCERT, AP, Amaravathi – Implementation of Calendar Activities – PATANOTSAVAM -2016 (Festival of Reading) a Week festival from 7-11-2016 to 14-11-2016 – Guidelines, Plan of Action – Reg. AP Proc. Rc. No. 443/B2/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated: 27-10-2016. All the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that SCERT, Andhra Pradesh has developed Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 in which PATANOTSAVAM (a Festival of Reading) is one of the activities proposed in the month of November 2016. In this connection Department of School Education is decided to conduct PATANOTSAVAM – 2016 a creative Cultural Festival related to promoting reading ability among children. It is decided to organize a Week day festival in the month of November from 7-11-2016 to 14-11-2016. 

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AP RC 443 PATANOTSAVAM a week day festival in all the Schools from class I – X

PATHANOTSAVAM festival Guidelines, Action Plan 

In this connection you are instructed to issue proceedings to all the schools irrespective of managements to organize PATANOTSAVAM a week day festival in all the schools from class I – X from 7-11-2016 to 14-11-2016 in your district. Further, you are requested issue instructions to Dy.EOs and MEOs, to implement this event in all the schools. A detailed guidelines and Action Plan are annexed. For vide publicity arrange press conference and explain the details to print and electronic media.

Note : PATANOTSAVAM -2016 (Festival of Reading) a Week festival from 7-11-2016 to 14-11-2016

Objectives of PATANOTSAVAM – 2016 are as follows:

  1. To successful implementation of Academic Calendar activities.
  2. To strengthening Library activity and utilizing School Libraries in the fullest extent.
  3. To promote reading abilities among children by using PATANOTSAVAM as an event.
  4. To promote love towards literature and cultural among children.
  5. To have healthy linkage between school and society.
  6. To inculcate creative thinking through literary activities among children.
  7. To invite parents and philanthropists to the school as a part of community participation.
  8. To promote democratic school culture.
  9. To provide an opportunities for all children for participation.
  10. To provide opportunities for all children to showcase their talents.
  11. To establish link with Vidyanjali Programme. 

Prize distribution for winners on 14th November 2016 Children’s Day. 

Plan of Action PATANOTSAVAM Programme :

  1. PATANOTSAVAM is a school based activity.
  2. It should be conducted in all schools from class I – X under all managements.
  3. PATANOTSAVAM is a weekly festival. It will be celebrated 5days in all schools from 7-11-2016 to 11-11-2016.
  4. Prize distribution for winners on 14th November 2016 Children’s Day. 
  5. Day wise activities will be conducted on each day of PATANOTSAVAM.
  6. Recitation of Poems, Story Telling, Reflects on Essays / Articles, Drama and Creative Writings are the major areas of PATANOTSAVAM.
  7. Every student in the school should have a chance to perform his / her ability in the PATANOTSAVAM celebration.
  8. Let the students to opt whatever activity they like.
  9. All schools should conduct day wise PATANOTSAVAM activities on 6th, 7th and 8th periods of the day.
  10. Headmaster is the implementing authority of PATANOTSAVAM at school level.
  11. Headmaster should allot work distribution to all teachers.
  12. School should prepare PATANOTSAVAM document and mail the same to SCERT (Mail ID: apscert.patanotsavam2016@gmail.com)
  13. A team of experts of SCERT may select best celebrations and they will be awarded.

PATANOTSAVAM festival Schedule :

7-11-2016 Recitation of Padyam / Geyam Padyam / Geyam should be from other than regular textbooks.
Should say background / meaning of the Padyam before recitation.
Should make brief write-up and display the same on the day of celebration
8-11-2016 Story Telling  Display available story books in the school library.
 Invite philanthropists to donate library books.
 Story should be from other regular textbooks.
 Tell the story orally or by using masks / puppets.
 Should make brief write-up and display the same on the day of celebration.
9-11-2016 Reflection on Essays / Articles  Select any news item / Essay / Article related to daily life.
 If it is a news item let the students to read as a news reader. If is an Essay / Article let the student to read and explain the content on their own style.
 Should make brief write-up and display the same on the day of celebration.
10-11-2016 Drama  A group of students may perform Drama.
 Concept and script of Drama may be select or prepare by their own.
 Should make brief write-up and display the same on the day of celebration.
11-11-2016 Creative Writing  Write a narration or Poetry about the given concept.
 Should reflect aesthetic sense artistic, creative thinking.
 Should have a suitable title and interesting beginning and conclusion.
14-11-2016 Children’s Day festival  Celebrate Children’s Day festival
 Prize distribution for the winners of PATANOTSAVAM.

AP PATANOTSAVAM festival Guidelines

Role of DEO in PATANOTSAVAM festival :

  1. Conduct meeting with all Dy.EOs, MEOs and SSA, RMSA Sectoral Officers, Principal DIET about effective conduct of PATANOTSAVAM – 2016.
  2. Communicate guidelines and other information related to PATANOTSAVAM to all schools from class I – X irrespective of all managements.
  3. Take necessary action to implement the activity in all schools and give vide publicity in print and electronic media.
  4. Prepare District Plan of Action to the conduct of PATANOTSAVAM-2016 and make arrangements to monitor the programme by using Dy.EOs, MEOs and SSA, RMSA sectoral Officers and Principal DIET.

Role of MEO in PATANOTSAVAM festival :

  1. Conduct meeting with all school Headmasters in the Mandal about the modalities of conduct of PATANOTSAVAM.
  2. Prepare school level Action Plan by the Headmasters.
  3. Utilize the services of Vidyanjali volunteers in PATANOTSAVAM programme.

Role of Headmaster in PATANOTSAVAM festival :

  1. Conduct staff meeting and allot day wise work distribution to all teachers.
  2. Decorate school premises and classrooms that reflects festival environment for the week days of PATANOTSAVAM programme.
  3. During PATANOTSAVAM days school should reflect the rays and flavor of literary activities.
  4. Invite philanthropists, local academicians to the day wise activities.
  5. Make arrangements to perform activities by the students in the school premises and also for display of write-ups and other posters.
  6. Allot 6th, 7th and 8th period of the day should be allotted to PATANOTSAVAM activities from 7-11-2016 to 14-11-2016.
  7. Prizes will be distributed to the winners on the eve of Children’s Day. 
  8. Do not avoid class X students to participate in PATANOTSAVAM activities.
  9. Give vide publicity in print and electronic media about school activities.
  10. Prepare a good document and main the same to apscert.patanotsavam2016@gmail.com 

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PATANOTSAVAM festival Guidelines, Plan of Action in AP Schools Copy Download

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