AP GO 398 Anti Ragging Policy Certain instructions in University Education

AP GO 398  Anti
Ragging Policy  Certain instructions in University Education implement  CCTV cameras  biometric attendance no entry to outsiders into campuses

HIGHER EDUCATION (UE) DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 398 Dated:14-08-2015,Govt.Memo.No.7524/CE/A1/2015, H.E (CE) Dept., dated.25.07.2015

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The unnatural death of Miss Rishiteswari, 1st year B.Arch student of Acharya Nagarjuna University has been reported to be an account of harassment and stress. In this regard Government is concerned over deplorable behaviour in students, and in this context, there is immediate necessity to arrest tendencies like indiscipline, ragging, absenteeism, intrusion of outsiders and anti social elements.

Accordingly, Government hereby order to implement the following measures:
  1. i) Erection of CCTV cameras in all the Universities
  2. ii) Enrolment of attendance through biometric
  3. iii) Release of reimbursement and scholarships based on
    biometric attendance.
  4. iv) Ensuring no entry to outsiders into campuses.
All measures above must be complied by 31st August, 2015.The Vice-Chancellors of all Universities in Andhra Pradesh State are advised to adhere to the above instructions and implement scrupulously.

Download GO 398  Anti Ragging Policy  Certain instructions in University Click here

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