AP FA3 CBT Marks Online Entry Process FEB – 2024 Video Download for Online Entry Process

AP FA3 CBT Marks Online Entry Process

FA3 CBT Marks Online Entry Process 2024 

FA3 CBT stands for Computer-Based Testing, which refers to Exams or Assessments that are Taken on a Computer Rather than on paper. The Online Entry Process for CBT Exams Typically involves the Following Steps:

  • Register for the exam: This usually involves creating an account on the exam website and providing personal and educational information.
  • Pay the exam fee: Once you have registered, you will typically need to pay the exam fee to confirm your booking.
  • Schedule the exam: After paying the fee, you will be able to choose a date and time for your exam. You will typically receive an email confirming your exam schedule.
  • Prepare for the exam: Before your exam date, make sure you are familiar with the exam format, content, and rules. You may also want to practice with sample test questions.
  • Take the exam: On the day of your exam, arrive at the test center in plenty of time. You will need to provide identification to prove your identity. After that, you will be able to access the exam on the computer and start taking the test.
  • Receive your results: After you have completed the exam, your results will be processed, and you will receive a score or grade. You may also receive a certificate or other documentation to show that you have passed the exam.

It is important to note that the specifics of the online entry process may vary Depending on the Exam Provider and the Type of Exam you are Taking. Make Sure to Check the Specific instructions provided by the Exam provider for More information.

Step to Enter FA-3/CBA-2 Mark’s

»  Click This Students Info Link :  https://studentinfo.ap.gov.in/

» Click Dept Login

» Sign in Your Login Credentials

»  Select CCE Marks

»  Select FA-3 Services

»  Click on FA 3 Mark’s Entry

» 8,9,10 class FORMATIVE ASSESMENT MARKS ENTRY FORMS 2024 .pdf  Click Here