ADARANA Programme New Guidelines GO For BC communities loans – How to Apply Adarana

ADARANA Programme New Guidelines GO For BC communities loans – How to Apply Adarana  

ADARANA Programme New Guidelines GO For BC communities loans – How to Apply Adarana ADARANA Pragramme New Guidelines For BC communities as per GO No 1. AP Backward Classes Welfare Department Re-launching of ADARANA Programme Issue of Guidelines as per G.O.Ms.No.1, Dated: 10-03-2018. How to Apply Adarana, BC beneficiaries list and Eligibility, Selection Process, Unit Cost (loan), Subsidy details download. Under the ADARANA scheme, it proposed to cover 105000 Beneficiaries with Rs.10,000 unit cost and 83000 Beneficiaries with Rs.20,000/- unit cost and 67000 Beneficiaries with Rs.30,000/- unit cost respectively during the financial year 2018-19. From the VC & MD, APBCCFC Ltd. Vijayawada Lr.No. 21/C/2017, Dated: 6-12-2017.

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ADARANA Programme New Guidelines GO For BC communities loans – How to Apply Adarana

ADARANA Scheme New Guidelines For BC communities GO No 1, How to Apply, BC beneficiaries list, Eligibility, Selection Process, Unit Cost (loan), Subsidy details download.
ADARANA Scheme New Guidelines For BC communities GO No 1

ADARANA Scheme New Guidelines For BC communities as per GO No 1

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has been implementing many welfare programmes and development schemes with a view to empower the rural poor through creating additional income by improving their productivity. Further with a view to minimizing drudgery, improving product/service quality with the help of modernizing the process of operations, Government have decided to Re-launch ADARANA scheme with the ultimate aim of contributing to increased income levels and to improve the living standards of the practicing artisans in Particular and all the BC communities in General.

The Population belonging to Backward classes in the state pursuing traditional occupations such as cattle and sheep rearing, toddy tapping, earth works, fishing, weaving, goldsmithy, blacksmithy, brasssmithy, carpentry, stone carving, laundry, pottery, oil pressing, basketry, hair dressing, tailoring and dyeing fall under 125 communities listed in the State list of Backward Classes. Further, there are many of the BC communities without the traditional activities are practicing Agriculture and allied activities. Even many of the age-old practicing artisans diversified from their traditional activities and are into Agriculture and allied activities.

Adarana being the flagship scheme for the Backward classes, aims to modernize their tools and technology. The Managing Director, APBCCFC Ltd., in his letter cited has proposed to relaunch the Adarana scheme under the name ADARANA II.

Government after careful consideration of the proposal hereby issue the following guidelines for implementation of Adarana scheme.


To provide financial assistance to the artisans belonging to Backward Classes for acquiring improved modern tools and gadgets for sustainable Income Generating Activity and economic development

To empower the BCs by imparting necessary training to improve their productivity with minimum drudgery and enhance the service quality according to the market needs.


With a view to capitalize the concept of low hanging fruits ADARANA Programme essentially focus on providing financial assistance in 3 slabs i.e., Rs. 30,000/-, Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- as unit cost with 70% subsidy component, 20% NBCFDC loan and 10% beneficiary contribution for procurement of Model tools and gadgets.

However, it is actively being considered by the Government to provide required high-end mechanized tools to the artisans of BC communities over and above the ceiling limit of Rs.30,000/- under ADARANA PLUS scheme. Separate guidelines will be issued for this scheme.

Scheme Implementation :

The Scheme will be implemented throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh, in all Mandals/Municipalities /Municipal Corporations.


Under the scheme, it proposed to cover 105000 Beneficiaries with Rs.10,000 unit cost and 83000 Beneficiaries with Rs.20,000/- unit cost and 67000 Beneficiaries with Rs.30,000/- unit cost respectively during the financial year 2018-19. Subsequently, the targets may be enhanced based on enhanced budget allocation from the next financial year.

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Unit Cost for BCs – Rs. 10,000/-

Subsidy component (70%) – Rs. 7,000/-
NBCFDC Loan component (20%) -Rs. 2,000/-
Beneficiary contribution (10%) -Rs 1,000/-

Unit Cost for BCs – Rs. 20,000/-

Subsidy component (70%)- Rs. 14,000/-
NBCFDC Loan component (20%) – Rs. 4,000/-
Beneficiary contribution (10%)-Rs. 2,000/-

Unit Cost for BCs – Rs. 30,000/-

Subsidy component (70%)- Rs. 21,000/-
NBCFDC Loan component (20%) – Rs. 6,000/-
Beneficiary contribution (10%)- Rs. 3,000/-


  1. The following criteria will be adopted 
  2. Age of BC beneficiaries : 18- 50 years 
  3. Beneficiary shall be registered with Praja Sadhikara Survey before sanction. 
  4. preference shall be given to: 
  5. He/She shall be a practicing artisan. 
  6. Beneficiaries who are availing the Economic support Schemes for the first time. 
  7. Candidates who were trained under any skill improvement programmes of the government or welfare corporations either in the current year or earlier in the proposed trade of his/her interest. 
  8. Beneficiaries availing financial support under Adarana schemes for the year 2018-19 shall not be eligible under any economic support schemes for the next three years 
  9. Preference shall be given to women beneficiaries so as to cover a minimum of 33 1/3% of the total target for the district and Mandal level. 


BC artisans for availing the financial assistance shall apply through Adarana Portal/OBMMS accessible through Meeseva/MPDO office/Internet kiosk etc.,


The total targeted beneficiaries indicated for the districts shall be sub-divided Mandal/ municipality wise in proportion to the BC population based on the Praja Sadhikara Survey Data of the respective Mandal/ Municipality of districts.


The selection of beneficiaries will be done through Screening and Selection Committee at the Mandal /Municipality level on the lines of Self Employment Schemes as per GO Ms.No.111 Social Welfare (SCP) Department Dated. 23-11-2016.
In case of any dispute over the selection of beneficiary, the decision of the majority members will prevail.
The process of selection and grounding of the programme shall be strictly adhered to the prescribed timelines.
The composition of the screening-cum-selection committee shall be as follows complete information in below link.

Sl. No Category Mandal Level Committee Municipality Level Committee Municipal Corporation Level Committee
1 President * MPP President Municipal Chairperson Mayor
2 Members * (1)ZPTC Member (1) Ward member (1) Corporator
(2)MPTC Members
3 Social Activists * 4 members 4 members 4 members
* Among the Non-Official members of Social Activists category one member shall be a women from BC community, one member shall be from any of the Registered BC Federations.
C Member Convener MPDO of the Mandal Municipal Commissioner Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation

** Any Other Officer as per the requirement may be nominated by the District Collector.


a)After selection of beneficiaries by the Mandal/Municipal level team, the MPDO/Municipal Commissioner shall upload Loan Agreement Bond from their logins to the Executive Director login.

b)The loan agreement bond is to be furnished by the selected beneficiary for the NBCFDC Loan component amount, duly affixing Rs.10/- special adhesive stamp. The original copies of Loan agreement bonds along with covering letter shall be sent separately to the Executive Directors concerned by the MPDOs/Municipal Commissioners.

c)The list of beneficiaries should be sent to Executive Directors Login by the concerned MPDOs/Municipal Commissioners immediately for issue of sanction proceedings of the District Collector for release of amount


The Executive Director BC Corporation concerned will place indents with the approved firms for supply of modern tools to the selected beneficiaries, duly taking the approval of District Collector and a copy of the same shall be furnished to the MPDO/Municipal Commissioner concerned.


a)Units will be grounded by the MPDOs/Municipal Commissioner concerned at the Mandal Level and photograph of the unit along with beneficiary should be uploaded to Executive Directors Login in Adarana /OBMMS Portal.

b)The Executive Director concerned should verify and approve the list of grounded units and upload the same to the Managing Directors Login in Adarana/OBMMS portal for generation of payment order.


a)After approval of list of beneficiaries by the Managing Director in the Adarana portal the Executive Director concerned will release 70% of Unit cost to the firms duly taking the approval of District Collector concerned.

b)Within 30 days of grounding, 3rd party evaluation of units shall be taken up and 30% of the unit cost will be paid to the firms by the Executive Director concerned as early as possible duly taking approval of the District Collector concerned.


A State Level Committee under the Chairmanship of Vice Chairman and Managing Director, AP BC Coop. Finance Corporation Ltd., with the following Members shall be formed for selection of modern tools and gadgets required along with unit cost for supply under Adarana:

i) VC & MD BC Corporation – Chairman & Member-Convener
ii) Commissioner /Director BC Welfare – Member
iii) Commissioner /Director Industries – Member
iv) CEO SERP – Member
v) CEO APSSDC – Member
vi) Director MA&UD or his nominee – Member
vii) Commissioner PR and RD or his nominee – Member
viii) Commissioner, H&T or his Nominee – Member
ix) Commissioner, Fisheries or his Nominee – Member
x) Commissioner, Agriculture or his Nominee – Member
xi) Commissioner, Employment and Training or – Member  his Nominee
xii) MD APTS or his Nominee – Member
xiii) Joint Director – Member
xiv) MDs of all BC Federations – Members
xv) Any other officer as per the requirement may be co-opted by the Chairman/VC&MD to the state level committee.

The Committee will Co-opt or invite special representatives from Departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Auto Mobile Engineering Departments of JNTU, Kakinada/Ananathapuram for technical advice.

A Meeting shall be convened by the State Level Committee with reputed manufacturing firms for identification of tools for the use of practicing artisans based on their occupational and economic activity so as to incorporate the same in Adarana/OBMMS Portal for selection by beneficiaries.


The rates of tools shall be finalized by the State Level Committee through e-tenders as per rules and guidelines in vogue. The State Level Committee will prepare tender documents, both for technical bid and financial bid, and the Committee will be responsible for technical and financial evaluation of the tenders received on e-procurement. The rate contract so finalized shall be the basis for the District Collectors for procurement of tools / gadgets.


A District Level Committee shall be constituted with the following members for implementation and monitoring of the scheme.

i)District Collector – Chairman
ii)Joint Collector (Revenue) – Member
iii)General Manger, District Industries Centre – Member
iv)Project Director, DRDA; – Member
v)CEO Zilla parishad – Member
vi)Municipal Commissioner of Corporation/ Municipal Commissioners in the district – Member
vii)Joint Director, Agriculture – Member
viii)DD/DBCWO of BC Welfare – Member
ix)AD/DD, Handlooms and Textiles – Member
x)AD/DD, Fisheries Department – Member
xi)Executive Director, SC Society – Member
xii)Executive Director, BC Society – Member- Convener
xiii)Any Other Officer as decided by the District Collector and Chairman of District Level Committee.

The District level Committee will Co-opt or invite special representatives from Departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Auto Mobile Engineering Departments of JNTU or reputed Engineering College(s) for technical advice.

The District Level Committee shall organize exhibition with the manufactures identified by the state level committee for supply of tools and modern gadget. During the District Level Exhibition the choice of the beneficiaries shall be obtained along with brand name so as to place orders at the district level by the Executive Director concerned.


A state level Monitoring Committee with the following members shall be constituted under the Chairmanship of the Principal Secretary to Govt., BC Welfare to monitor the scheme.

i)Prl. Secretary to Govt., BC Welfare – Chairman
ii)Secretary to Govt., Industries – Member
iii)Secretary, Finance – Member
iv)MD & CEO,APSSDC – Member
v)VC & Managing Director, APBCCFC Ltd., – Member-Convener


A separate portal for ADARANA will be designed for online Registration of applications from eligible BC artisans for Processing, Sanctioning, Grounding of assets. This portal will be linked to the dashboard of the Hon’ble Chief Minister for Real Time implementation.

All the tools and gadgets which are supplied shall be geo-tagged by SERP/MEPMA within 15 days of grounding with the help of Sadhikara Mitras and the distribution of tools will e-linked with Aadhar number.


i)IEC (Information, Education and Communication): Up to 3% of the total subsidy allocation under ADARANA will be utilized for creating awareness among the stake holders by Organizing State/Regional/ District level workshops and Exhibitions and for giving wide publicity through Pamphlets, Hoardings, Print and Electronic Media. The Expenditure on TA/DA/Training material/Stationery/Administration etc., shall also be met from the 5% of the total subsidy allocation under ADARANA.

ii)The VC & Managing Director BC Coop. Finance Corporation Ltd., is responsible for implementation of the Adarana Scheme.

iii)The manufacturing and supplying firm will be held responsible for faulty or defective tools and is liable for replacement of the tools within the warranty period.

iv)In coordination with the Skill Development Department Corporation, training shall be organized to the selected beneficiaries.


It is proposed to conduct a Comprehensive Study with an expert team by the state level monitoring committee for assessing the increase, in income levels of the beneficiary families before and after the use of modern tools under ADARANA Programme so as to formulate future policies.
5.The Vice Chairman & Managing Director, APBCCFC Ltd., shall take necessary action accordingly.
6.This orders issues with the concurrence of the Finance (FMU-Welfare.II) Department vide their U.O.No.Fin-40027/144/2017, Dated.03.11.2017.

ADARANA Programme New Guidelines For BC communities as per GO No 1