(Teachers Action Plans For Summer Holidays ) “We Love Reading Competition” to Teachers, Headmasters, Students and Others

We Love Reading Competition to Teachers, Headmasters, Students

“We Love Reading Competition” to Teachers, Headmasters, Students and Others – Orders Issued

 We Love Reading Competition” to Teachers Activities(Action plans) For Summer Special Competition- Suggested Activities- Reading Competitions For Students, Teachers, Headmasters, Student Teachers of DIETs, Teacher Educators, and Principals of DIETs During the Summer of 2024 – Specific Instructions.  “We Love Reading Competition” to Teachers, Headmasters, Students and Other.

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Sub : School Education – We Love Reading – Suggested activities-Reading competitions for eenadu Sunday Ebook Download Students, Teachers, Head Masters, Student Teachers of DIETs, Teacher Educators, Principals of DIETs During Summer – 2024 – Certain instructions – issued…….! “We Love Reading Competition”  

“We Love Reading” is a global initiative that promotes Reading aloud to Children and Encourages a love of Books and Reading. As part of this initiative, There May be various Competitions Held For Teachers, Headmasters, Students, and Others to Encourage Reading and Book-Related Activities.

The Specific Rules and Regulations of These Competitions May Vary Depending on the Organizer and location of the Competition. It is Recommended to visit the official website of “We Love Reading” or check with local Organizers to Get More information About Upcoming Competitions and Eligibility Criteria.

All Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers, and Principals of DIETs in the State are Urged to pay Close Attention to the References just read, in which this office was given instructions for putting the “WE LOVE READING PROGRAMMEE” into Effect So That All Students Would Undergo a Systemic Transformation From Being Non-Readers to Fluent Readers with full Comprehension. DIksha Training Online link In this Regard, we Must Encourage Both Students and Teachers to Read a lot of library Books and to Take Part in Competitions over the Summer.

All students are instructed to borrow books from the school library to read during the summer break in 2022, and after finishing the books, they are encouraged to trade them with friends. School Education will hold “We Love Reading Competitions” (WLRC) for students, instructors, school headmasters, student teachers, teacher educators, and DIET Principals to promote the habit of reading. DIKSHA Teachers Online Training Schedule 2023 Competition information is annexed. Their responses should be uploaded using the provided link. (https://forms.gle/voBnKyqMWPM2tR1f7).

Therefore, All Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers, and Principals of DIETs in the State are Tasked with Spreading Awareness of the “We Love Reading” (WLR) Activities and Competitions. They are Also Urged to Take the Necessary Steps to Encourage All Students, Teachers, Headmasters, Student Teachers, Teacher Educators, and DIET Principals To Participate in the Competitions.

To Develop Community Reading Centers

In an Academic year, There are 220 of the 365 Days that Schools are closed. Students spend 145 days away from school. These days, there aren’t public libraries in every village where people can go to read. Since most parents are unable to set aside some time for their kids these days, we need to encourage them to establish reading areas for them. Parents and the general public need constant encouragement and inspiration to understand the value of reading and to provide reading areas (libraries) for their children.

Therefore, it is important for every HM, teacher, principal, DIET, and teacher educator to motivate parents and the general public to understand the concept, build community reading spaces, and identify reading volunteers. With the assistance of parents and the general public, reading centers must be established in as many of the communities within their catchment area as possible.

1. The Head Master must confirm that the villagers initiated the Community Reading Centers freely.

2.The head teacher must draw up a thorough description of the Community Reading Center, including the following information:

  • Name of the Community Reading Center,
  • Source of Books,
  • Hours,
  • Activities,
  • Volunteer Information,
  • Name of the Adopted Teacher, etc.

Post the article, information on Community Reading Centers, and its activities at the provided URL.

We Love Reading Programme (WLR)  Annexure -I

All Students are instructed to Collect Books From the School library and are Expected to Read those Books During the Summer break in 2024. Once they have finished the books, they can trade them with their buddies. The following activities were recommended for the summer of 2024, with each step of the activity being called in idiomatic forms to help the kids become familiar with it.

1) Me and my book: Everyone is Required to write a Review of the Book They Just Read. like Personal Opinions and Sentiments Regarding the Books Settings, Characters, and illustrations.

2) Bookshelves: Go to Friends  and Family members  Homes. List the titles of the books you’ve found with your friends and family. Talk about the books and their significance.

3) Picture gallery: Gather old issues of magazines and newspapers, then cut out the best images. Glue the images to a notebook. The picture gallery is there.

4) My friends’ experiences: Creating a group with classmates or pals. Talk about the stories, then have each person write one in a notebook using their own words.

5) My tale bank: Compile articles from periodicals or newspapers. These pages can be cut out and pasted in a notebook. This is going to be a tale bank.

6) Picture story: Pick any images from the magazines or newspapers. Create a narrative using the photographs as the focal point.

We Love Reading Competitions (WLRC) :  Annexure – II

Student We Love Reading Competitions (WLC):

The following student competitions will be held over the summer break. All of these contests are online, and entry requires the use of an Android-powered smartphone, tablet, or computer. Due of the COVID epidemic times, children are quite familiar with using these electric items.

1. Writing contest for short stories: This contest is open to students in grades 3 through 10. They must independently write a narrative and mail it to the provided address. The story must be original work that doesn’t borrow from or sound like any previous stories.

2. Drawing competition: Third through tenth grade students may in drawing competitions. Drawings should be sent via Whatsapp or to the provided email address on A4 size chart paper.

3. Students Enrolled in Grades-3 Through 10 May in the Story Reading Competition. They Must Choose a Single Narrative and Read it Aloud Correctly. Create a video that Reflects the Story that is being Read. Upload the Finished film to YouTube with the aid of your parents, Teachers, Friends, and siblings. The video’s YouTube link must include a mail-forwarding address (Note: Videos should not last longer than two minutes).

4) My own collection Third through tenth grade students may in this tournament. Students must make a list of the reading materials they have at home, take a photo of them, and upload it to the provided URL.

Activities For “DIET Students include Book Reading and a writing Contest For Reviews :-

Student Teachers who are Enrolled in State-Sponsored DIETs, CTEs, and IASEs are Eligible.

A Book From the DIET/CTE/IASE library will be Handed to Each Student and Teacher. preferably Books on Teaching and learning pedagogy. John Holt, How Children Learn, How Children Fail, Learning Always, GijuBhai-Pagatikala, Thallidandrula Thalanoppi, Pillalake naa Hrudayam ankitham, Railu badi, Chaduvu, etc.

  • After reading the book, the student teacher is required to write a thorough review along the lines of children and learning.
  • The Article will Be Written on paper that is A4 in Size. The Writing Must be crisp and readable.
  • Scan the provided link, then upload it.
  • Competitions for read-aloud stories:

Determine which students in your community are enrolled in classes I through X, then collect them at a convenient location and time to conduct During the summer, have them read aloud a story. talks about the plot, the characters, and the feelings of the kids. Also use the Read Along app. Encourage kids to read stories independently.

  • Write down your findings as you go along and submit them together with photos at the provided URL.
  • Competition for reading or telling stories:
  • Choose any tale and read it with the appropriate pacing.
  • Record yourself reading your own narrative on camera.
  • Maintain the shareable link in the provided format and upload the video to YouTube.

Reading books and Participating in a writing Contest are Activities for DIET Principals.

Principals Employed by the State  Government-Run DIETs, CTEs, and IASEs are Eligible.

Libraries at Teacher education institutions offer a wealth of Materials. The principal will Choose a book that focuses specifically on pedagogy in Education. Write a Thorough Review of the book after giving it a Thorough Reading.

  • The Article Should be Typed on paper that is A4 in size, with clear, legible Text.
  • Scan the provided link, then upload it.
  • Innovative competition-related activities include the following:
  • To encourage a reading culture among student teachers and teacher educators alike, the principal of the institution for teacher education must prepare a thorough report on the implementation of we love reading-related activities in the institution.
  • Upload your essay using the provided website link.
  • In addition to providing a live dashboard for monitoring purposes, a separate Google sheet will be circulated to collect information from students, teachers, school headmasters, student teachers, teacher educators, and DIET Principals.


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