Telangana Mana Ooru Mana Badi Scheme 2023 : Features,Advantages,Scheme Budget

Telangana Mana Ooru Mana Badi Scheme

Telangana Mana Ooru Mana Badi Scheme

Telangana Mana Ooru Mana Badi Scheme Telangana will launch ‘Mana Ooru Mana Badi,’ a programme to strengthen government schools. A meeting of the Cupboard authorised the Mana ooru mana badi program, which aimed at all-around improvement and the creation of efficient primary infrastructure in schools across Telangana State. The programme will most likely be implemented over three years with a budget of 7,289 crores to benefit 19.84 lakh children from 26.065 schools.

The funds will most likely be used to establish digital classrooms, Telangana Mana Ooru Mana Badi Scheme develop additional school rooms, and take over school repairs. The meeting decided to launch the programme in its first phase during the current academic year in 9,123 government and local body schools with high child enrollment rates. The Collectors will almost certainly grant executive approval for all works in schools. Labor execution will most likely be handled by school administration committees.

Mana Badi-Mana Ooru

  • Mana Ooru-Mana Badi is an initiative to improve infrastructure and educational quality in government schools.
  • It is an ambitious flagship programme with a three-year budget of Rs 7,289.54 crore.
  • It will be implemented in three phases, with a total of 19.84 lakh students benefiting from the programme in 26,065 government schools.
  • During the current academic year, the programme will be implemented in 9,123 schools with a high student enrollment. The first phase will cost approximately Rs 3,497.62 crore.


This programme has been adopted as a government flagship programme, with the infrastructure in government schools under the education department to be improved in three phases over a three-year period.

  • The programme was first implemented in government and local government schools, and it included toilets with water facilities, electrification, drinking water supply, appropriate furniture for students and staff, painting of the entire school, major and minor repairs, green chalk boards, protective walls, kitchen sheds, and dilapidated buildings. New classrooms in place of rooms, dining halls in high schools, digital education, and other initiatives should be implemented.
  • District Collectors are in charge of sanctioning works in specific schools.
  • School Management Committees (SMCs) will be tasked with implementing this scheme in a transparent and expeditious manner, with public participation.
  • The development societies are comprised of two active alumni, two SMC members, the village sarpanch, and the school headmaster.
  • Each school will form an Alumni Association to involve former students in the development of their schools.
  • The state IT department, among other things, provides technical support for digital classrooms.

Mana Vooru Mana Badi Scheme Goal

The goals of these programmes are to identify all children eligible for enrollment in schools in all habitations and enrol them in the nearest schools, increase enrollment in government schools and provide quality education, strengthen government schools with community participation, identify five-year-old children from nearby Anganwadi centres and enrol them in government schools, update the village education register (VER), and enrol children who co-parent.


On Monday, the Cabinet approved the ‘Mana ooru, mana badi’ program, which aims to promote overall development and the establishment of effective basic infrastructure in schools throughout the state. The programme will be implemented over three years with a budget of Rs. 7,289 crore, benefiting 19.84 lakh students from 26.065 schools.

Mana Vooru Mana Badi Details

Name of the Programme Mana Vooru Mana Badi
Title  Mana Ooru Mana Badi Programme
Subject The Telangana government will launch the Mana Vooru Mana Badi Scheme.
Category Scheme

The pilot project is successful.

With 3.57 crores in funding, a pilot project was launched with the goal of ideally developing four schools and having them ready by the time this scheme is launched. Selected Institutions:

  •  ZPHS Jillelaguda, Rangareddy District, Balapur Mandal
  • Rajendranagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, MPPS, ZPHS Shivarampalli
  • Model Alia Government Primary and High School, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad
  • Mahabubia (Girls) Gunfoundry Government Primary and High School, Hyderabad

Mana Badi-Mana Ooru Features

  • The program’s goal is to provide comprehensive school development in order to provide quality education.
  • Increasing student attendance
  • Encourage students to continue their studies in order to advance in their classes.
  • Introduce digital media education in stages.
  • School infrastructure development
  • Construct additional classrooms, repair existing ones, purchase needed furniture, and improve infrastructure, including toilets. Power and water supply connections, kitchen sheds and dining halls, digital classroom equipment, compound walls, and other projects will also be undertaken.

Mana Badi-Mana Ooru Advantages

The Mana Ooru-Mana Badi scheme aims to provide basic and modern facilities to government schools over a three-year period at a cost of Rs 7,289.54 crores.

  • So far, four schools have benefited from the pilot project launched on March 8, 2023 by chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. The work under this programme will benefit approximately 230 lakh students in the state’s 26,065 government and local body schools.
  • The scheme has benefited ZPHS Jillelaguda, Balapur mandal, Rangareddy district, ZPHS Shivarampalli, Rajendranagar mandal of Rangareddy municipality, Mahabubia  Model High School, Hyderabad, and Alia Model School, Gun Foundry, Hyderabad.
  • These schools have been designed with modern facilities, attractive wall paintings, and a focus on student creativity.
  • The scheme focuses on arranging toilets with water facilities, electricity, drinking water supply, adequate furniture for students, teachers, and staff, green chalkboards alongside painting the entire school, protective walls, kitchen sheds, new classrooms in place of dilapidated rooms, dining facilities (Halls) in high schools, and digital education promotion.

1)What exactly is the Mana OORU-Mana Badi scheme?
In January 2022, the Telangana cabinet approved Mana Ooru-Mana Badi (MO-MB, Our village, Our school), a programme aimed at improving education quality and basic infrastructure in government schools.

At ZP High School (Boys) in Wanaparthy District, Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao formally launched the ‘Mana Ooru-Mana Badi, Mana Basti – Mana Badi’ program.

3)Which state cabinet has approved the Mana OORU Mana Badi school-strengthening programme?
UPSC Mains Exam. Q. In which state is the ‘Mana ooru, Mana Badi’ programme implemented? Notes: The Telangana Cabinet recently approved the ‘Mana ooru, mana badi’ programme, which will be implemented over three years and will cost $7,289 crore.

4)Do you believe the Mana OORU-Mana Badi Program will increase enrollment in government schools?
In the first phase, 35% of schools are chosen for the scheme, which benefits 65% of total students. This will result in a significant improvement in the school education system.

5)Which of these is associated with the tagline Mana OORU Mana Telugu?
To support the vision of Kakatiyas, the Telangana government launched a flagship programme called ‘Mission Kakatiya,’ also known as Mana Ooru Mana Cheruvu.