10th Class Important questions 2023 for Slow Learners material of C & D Group for AP / TS SSC Students

10th Class Important questions 2023 for Slow Learners material of C & D Group

SSC Important Questions 2023 for Slow Learners material of C & D Group for AP / TS 10th Class Students

10th Class Important Questions for Slow Learners material of C & D Group for AP / TS SSC Students 2023  #AP 10th Class Important Question for Slow Learners Material of C & D Group. #Telangana 10th Class important Question Subject wise Download, Paper 1 and Paper 2 Chapter wise 4 Marks Questions, 2 Marks Question, Bit Bank, Matching Material, Maths Graph, PS Important Diagrams and Biological Science Important Diagrams.

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Telugu Important Questions, Hindi Important Questions, English Important Questions, Mathematics Important Questions, Physical Science Important Questions, Biology Important Questions, Social Important Questions and Social Map Points.

10th Class C & D Grade Students Material 2023 Details

Name of the organization Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (SCERT)
Name of Exam 10th Class / SSC
Name of the Subject Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies and Urdu
Category 10th Class C & D Grade Students Material 
Exam Date April 2023
Academic Year 2023-2024
Official Website www.bse.ap.gov.in

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AP / TS 10వ తరగతి విద్యార్థుల కోసం C & D గ్రూప్ యొక్క స్లో లెర్నర్స్ మెటీరియల్ కోసం SSC ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు 2023

AP / TS SSC విద్యార్థుల కోసం C & D గ్రూప్ యొక్క స్లో లెర్నర్స్ మెటీరియల్ కోసం 10వ తరగతి ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు 2023 #AP 10వ తరగతి C & D గ్రూప్ యొక్క స్లో లెర్నర్స్ మెటీరియల్ కోసం ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్న. #తెలంగాణ 10వ తరగతి ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్న సబ్జెక్ట్ వారీగా డౌన్‌లోడ్, పేపర్ 1 మరియు పేపర్ 2 చాప్టర్ వారీగా 4 మార్కుల ప్రశ్నలు, 2 మార్కుల ప్రశ్న, బిట్ బ్యాంక్, మ్యాచింగ్ మెటీరియల్, మ్యాథ్స్ గ్రాఫ్, PS ముఖ్యమైన రేఖాచిత్రాలు మరియు బయోలాజికల్ సైన్స్ ముఖ్యమైన రేఖాచిత్రాలు. తెలుగు ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు, హిందీ ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు, ఇంగ్లీష్ ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు, గణితం ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు, ఫిజికల్ సైన్స్ ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు, జీవశాస్త్రం ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు, సామాజిక ముఖ్యమైన ప్రశ్నలు మరియు సామాజిక మ్యాప్ పాయింట్లు.


How can Teachers Ensure that these Children with Slow learning Abilities Receive Adequate Assistance to succeed Let us Consider Some Changes That Teachers can Implement to Motivate These Children to Catch up with Their peers.

Patience is the key:

This is an important consideration when teaching a slow learner. Slow learners have poor comprehension skills and take longer to learn and comprehend. As a result, a teacher must understand the student’s inability to concentrate and be patient with him or her. Because these students have a short attention span, the teacher must use creative methods to repeat every instruction and reinforce the concepts. Teachers can use a teacher parent communication app or other modes of communication to keep parents informed of teaching methods so that parents can engage these children in a similar manner.

Get Creative:

The Method of Teaching is very important in Attracting the students Attention. Adopt a variety of teaching methods, such as a game or an outdoor excursion. This will make the session more interactive and exciting for the children, as well as help slow learners maintain their attention.

Involve Peers:

Teachers can help other students in the class understand and empathise with these special students. They can advise their classmates not to bully or mock these children. They can advise them on how each child in the class can help slow learners and make a difference in their lives.

Homework – Less is more:

Homework is a taxing exercise for students with slow learning abilities. Even at home, they become concerned about having to learn so much. Fewer home assignments may help them understand a few things at a time, reducing anxiety. Quality is more important than quantity for these children.

Organize assignments:

The primary barrier to learning in these children is their inability to concentrate. Help them prioritise their work by sending a homework plan to the parents via the school communication apps. This allows them to focus on one task at a time while still completing their assignments.

Peer Mentoring:

Find peers who can assist you. Being taught by friends your own age can be beneficial. Allow them to form a study group with a few of their friends. Teachers can delegate the task of revising the day’s lessons and assisting with homework to such groups.

Recognize their efforts:

Rewarding and recognizing someone’s efforts is an excellent way to motivate them. Give genuine thanks for every effort these children make to improve their learning rate. Recognizing their efforts in front of their peers can be a huge confidence booster for these kids.

Don’ts include:

Praise them in front of everyone, but chastise them privately. Do not place too much emphasis on written education. Initially, prioritize reading and oral learning. Try not to be overprotective. Persuade them to continue working hard, even if it means a delay in the schedule.

10th Class Important questions for Slow Learners material of C & D Group for AP / TS SSC Students 2023

SSC Important question For AP & TS, SSC Public Exam slow learner C Grade and D Grade Students Material. Telugu Medium Material also to help poor students of our Govt. Schools. English Medium Student Important Question Download PDF Files. Slow learner Students in Government Schools to Get good Marks in 10th Class Public Exam Through Slow learner Material.

AP / TS Slow Learner Students Material Download here

Official Website Click Here

10th Class C & D Grade Students Material 2023 Details

Slow learner Imp. Questions Download links below

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2 Hindi Click Here
3 English Paper I Click Here
4 English Paper II Click Here
5 Mathematics Paper I (EM) Click Here
6 Maths Paper II (EM) Click Here
7 Physical Science (EM) Click Here
8 Biological Science (EM) Click Here
9 Social Studies Paper I (EM) Click Here
10 Social Studies Paper II (EM) Click Here
11 Telugu Paper I & II Click Here
12 Hindi Click Here
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15 Maths Paper I (TM) Click Here
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20 Social Studies Paper I (TM) Click Here
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* Class 10 Important Question all Subjects Download

some tips for preparing for the SSC exams:

  1. Know the syllabus: Make sure you have a clear understanding of the subjects and topics that will be covered on the exams.
  2. Stay organized: Keep track of important dates, assignments, and notes in a planner or notebook. This will help you stay on top of your work and avoid last-minute cramming.
  3. Create a study schedule: Make a plan for when and how you will study each subject. Be sure to allocate enough time for each subject and stick to your schedule as much as possible.
  4. Use study materials: Utilize textbooks, study guides, practice tests, and other resources to help you prepare for the exams.
  5. Practice, practice, practice: The more you practice, the more confident you will feel. Try to solve as many sample papers and previous year’s question papers as you can.
  6. Get help if you need it: Don’t hesitate to reach out to teachers, tutors, or classmates for help if you are struggling with a particular subject or concept.
  7. Stay focused: Stay focused and avoid distractions while studying. Turn off your phone, log out of social media, and create a quiet and comfortable study environment.
  8. Stay relaxed and positive: Don’t get stressed out or anxious. Stay positive, take breaks when needed, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, consistency and dedication are key to success in your SSC exams. Stick to your study plan and put in the effort, and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.

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