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Learn A Word A Day Words List January

“Learn A Word A Day Words List” January 2024

“Learn A Word A Day Words List” January  2024 Every Teacher Should Utilise That Word as often as they can when interacting with the pupils or during any other classroom interaction.”Learn A Word A Day Words List” January 2024. “Learn A Word A Day Words List” January. “Learn A Word A Day Words List” 
•During the Day’s Remaining Sessions, the identical term will be said.”Learn A Word A Day Words List” January 2024 “Learn A Word A Day Words List” 2024.
•The word of the day may be Shown Every Day in the Classroom at the Corner of the Green Board; on a Board outside; or During the School Assembly For January 2024’s “Learn A Word.
•It is Expected of All Teachers to practise the word Throughout the First Five Minutes of Their Class. The word and its Definition are to be Repeated by the Students. English Teachers Should ideally practise Using the Word.
The Dictionaries and Notebooks of the Students will be inspected by monitoring officers.

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The assessment will take place in the format of a “Spell Bee” game every two weeks (15 days). The words that were covered in the two-week course will be utilised in the Spell Bee competition.
• Encourage your kids to use the words and sentences in their daily lives. Learn a word Baseline Assessment Papers NEW 

About learn A Word A Day  Word list, Benifits 2024

Learn a Word A Day” is a popular approach to expanding one’s vocabulary by focusing on acquiring a new word each day. This method encourages individuals to cultivate a habit of continuous learning, enhance their language skills, and build a broader and more nuanced understanding of the language.

The concept is simple: every day, individuals pick a new word, learn its meaning, pronunciation, and usage in context. They may use various resources such as dictionaries, vocabulary-building apps, or even subscribe to “Word of the Day” services to discover and learn new words. Consistently exposing oneself to diverse and less commonly used words can lead to improved communication skills and a more sophisticated command of the language. LEARN A WORD A DAY Words List 2024 New

Several Benefits are Associated with the “Learn a Word A Day” approach:

  1. Vocabulary Expansion: Regular exposure to new words helps individuals expand their vocabulary and use a wider range of words in their daily communication.
  2. Improved Language Skills: Learning words in context enhances understanding and usage, leading to improved language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  3. Intellectual Stimulation: Engaging in daily learning provides intellectual stimulation, keeping the mind active and curious.
  4. Enhanced Communication: A richer vocabulary enables more precise and effective communication, allowing individuals to express themselves more clearly and persuasively.
  5. Cultivation of Lifelong Learning: The habit of learning a word a day promotes a mindset of continuous learning and personal development.

Learn a Word: January 2024, Timetable of Activities

  • A single word will be Declared in front of the Assembly Each Day.
  • The word and its Definition will be written by the Class Teacher in the first period on the chalkboard’s corner.
  • During English class, the teacher will go over vocabulary, including pronunciation, spelling, parts of speech, and meaning in both languages. They will also go over any other usage and forms of the word that may exist. Using a pencil, Students will underline the term in the dictionary.
  • Students are required to duplicate the word and keep it in a separate, 100-page notebook that they refer to as “My Own Dictionary.” The teacher will regularly review these Notebooks.

Level-Wise Drilling

Level 1:

OraI drilling of the English Term and its Telugu Equivalent, and vice versa. For January 2024’s Learn A Word, students must use a Pencil to circle the word in the dictionary.

January 2024 Learn a Word day3 - Level 1
January 2024 Learn a Word day3 – Level 1
Level 2, Level 3, Level 4:

The teacher will define the term and go over its usage, Alternative Forms it may Have, Pronunciation, Spelling, parts of Speech, and Meaning in both languages. Using a pencil, students will underline the term in the dictionary.

January 2024 Learn a Word day4 - Level -2
January 2024 Learn a Word day4 – Level -2
January 2024 Learn a Word day5- Level -3
January 2024 Learn a Word day5- Level -3
January 2024 Learn a Word day6- Level-4
January 2024 Learn a Word day 6- Level-4

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