AP Higher Classes Allowance Sanction for LP / Language Pandits as per RC 3277

AP Rc 3277 Dt. 01-02-16 Request for sanction Higher Classes allowances to all the Language Pandits. AP School Education Department Sanction to Higher Classes allowances to all Language Panats Telugu / Hindi in State District instructions Issued.

AP Language Pandits Higher Classes Allowance Section to Telugu / Hindi Pandits 

  1. 1.This is Proc. Rc,No.3277/Dl-4/2013 Dt. 24-02-2014
  2. 2. Lr No 417/RUPPAP/2015 Dt. 01-12-2015 of the RUPPAP

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1. The attention or ine all District Emcutional officers in the State is invited the references read above and District Educanonal Officers are informed that instructions were already issued to all me District Educational Officers but RUFF have informed that certain districts are not implementing the instructions on payment of higher Classes allowances. As per Government omen issued in GO MS 118, finance Dept, Datad:07.04.2010 Issued was on pay and allowances at para 6(3) “language Pundits Gr.II / ISGBTs ( for Handling higher Classes Allowances ) or Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred only ) vide reference 1st read above.
Therelore, all the District Educational officers in the state are instructed to take necessary action as per G.O.Ms.118, Finance Department to Language Pandits who are handling IX and X classes and sanctlon Special pay as per as per rates of Prescribed by the Government Qrders and laking necessary action in the matter.
This has the approval of Commissioner School Education Andhra Pradesh , Hyderabad
Commissioner of School Education
All ttle District Educational officers in the states
Copy to all the Regional Joint Director at School Education in state. 

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* AP Language Pandits Higher Classes Allowance Copy Download 

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